Trusting Your Inner Creative Powers- Are You Ready to Stop the Struggle? All Your Answers are Within


Our whole life we have learned to put our trust in everything and anything OUTSIDE of ourselves.

For health,

the answers,

the money,

the love,

the fun,

the joy,

the job,

the soul quenching,

even God.


And yet, that is not how we are meant to live. 


Somewhere between my life crashing down + personal development book #88, I began to realize I had been searching for my purpose, my meaning, my validation, the answers, love, someone to come down and HAND me my dream life on a silver platter,

and slowly but surely the Universe was showing me that the more I did this, the more I would struggle.

Because everything I ever needed and will ever need, was within me all along.

That to think of myself SEPARATE from any of these things was a total delusion + illusion on the HIGHEST level.

bc as infinite cosmic beings,

we ARE love.

we ARE abundant.

we ARE creative.

we ARE connected to God, connected to source always.

Our ability to create money and the life we desire, comes from our inner creativity, our life force flowing through us at all times.

Thinking we NEED a job to make money, a job we DESPISE + DREAD, simply just to make money, is giving our power away.

It slowly kills us inside, our soul suffers, our creative power goes to waste. 

We shrivel up + die.

>>We make the money bc we know and trust in ourselves, in God, in our inner creativity and we CREATE the money ourselves when we are truly tapped into this infinite deeper wisdom. This infinite abundance.


Seeking love outside ourselves is forgetting in the infinite amount of love that is inside of us. The infinite love that we are. It is giving our power away to another human. It is conditional love. It is conditional because "I only love you if my needs are being met."

Connecting to our soul, to God, back to the love that is already within us, quenches our soul on this deeper level that we are all so persistently searching for. If only we could sit still long enough to go within, instead of continuing to search without.

Bc after all, you can only love another human being as deeply and wholly as you love your self, your whole self, all of yourself, all of your dark + light within.


Putting our trust in medicine, in another human, a doctor to know what is going on inside of our OWN bodies on such a deeper level, is giving our power away.

Symptoms are simply our body communicating to use where we are out of alignment and need to adjust.

They were never a bad thing to cover up + ignore with medication.

Because our bodies were created to heal on their own.

They always do. Ever since you were little and you got that first scrape on your knee.

if only we would get out of own way, get out of our own head + harness that inner healing power + allow our bodies to do their thing. 


Looking for validation, the "answers," your life purpose, your 100% 'correct path,' the step by step system somebody ELSE created to get there, outside of you, is giving your power away.

It is ignoring your soul, your intuition + will only lead to the road of constant struggle.

Because those inner nudges, those small hits of intuition, those ARE the answers, that IS your right path.


But we are too busy searching for the answers within somebody else, looking to someone to save us from ourselves, that we don't bother to listen,

that we don't stop long enough to acknolwedge our own divine blueprintdivinely planned + intelligently laid out for us, within us, available to tap into at any and all times.

The one that leads to all the things we so desperately crave.

The love,

the health,

the wealth,

the purpose filled work,

that soul quenching feeling of 

THIS is my path,

THIS is my purpose,

THIS is why I was mf born.

It is all so clear + peaceful now.

So filled with bliss

+ a deep inner knowing that just goes beyond words..


You have all of this inside of youright here, right now, no matter how broken and lost you may feel.

+ I'm here to pull it out of you, 

to guide you back to it,


to know + trust in your own creative powers.

and consciously create the powerful, purpose-filled life you crave.


All the love,



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