Unlock the Anti-Venom, Unleash Your Divine Power


Self sabotage.

It sneaks up on you, on your dreams,

like a thief in the night.

Out of no where.

Quietly slipping into your mind. 

Oh so gently, yet destructively, swaying you off your path.


It's the effect of your fears..

and allowing them to penetrate your being,

penetrate your aura,

penetrate your skin.

Much like a snake bite, 

piercing your flesh without warning.


Your fears..

they course through your veins, like the poisonous venom from a serpent's quick bite.

And as you just lay there,

unable to move,


unsure what to do to keep the venom from spreading to your heart,

the death of your dreams slowly start to kick in.




Racing to the doctor, you break out in a sweat.

Putting your life, your soul, your future on their altar.

Your life on their cold, metal table,

in an empty, stale, sterile room.


You desperately look to them and everyone around you to save you.

You can feel the poison rising in your body,

making its way through your bloodstream, killing every cell.


Much like how your fears have been slowly killing every dream.


The panic sets in as you realize your life is in their hands.

Why? Well because you put it there of course. You always have.


You didn't heed the serpents warning,

so it did what it had to and now, here you are.

The more you resist the inevitable, the more you can feel the venom spread.


Nothing left to do but be still and surrender.

You give in to the pain and the death you feel upon you,

as your eyes begin to roll back slowly into your head.

"This isn't so bad." You whisper to yourself.


As you surrender more and more fully into the depths of the unknown, 

body temperature rising, venom pulsing through your veins..

You feel deep within a part of you release, 

a part of you let go.

It feels heavy. Old. Ancient. 

A part of you you've been holding onto for longer than you can remember.

Years, decades, lifetimes?

A part of you desperately thirsting for the approval of others,

the safety,

the comfort,

the validation, 

the love.

The part of you that has always projected your fears onto them, 

dark + empty,

always searching for the light,

but forever searching in all the wrong places.


This is the part of you that has never felt love,

never felt truth, 

never felt the deep penetration of the divine life force that courses through your veins.


As you surrender more deeply and begin to let go,

you notice that it's not so bad.

That death, these fears, everything you've been so keen on hiding from, 

it all just seems to be melting away as the venom takes over.


Almost as if never really existed in the first place.


"They must have given me the anti-venom." You think to yourself,

as you begin to feel lighter and able to breathe again.

But the doctors are no where to be seen.




You jolt up immediately,

gasping for air,

awake in your dark bedroom.

You feel your heart pounding through your chest and the faint hint of something still coursing through your veins.


But this something feels different.

This something feels free.

This something is no longer the venom,

no longer the fears that once took over your body like sepsis in your bloodstream.



"But how....?"


As your mind tries to make sense of this nightmare you've been living,

your soul takes over..


The anti-venom is inside of you.

You've had it all along.



The anti-venom to self sabotage,

and the fears that have been killing you as time continuously ticks on.


You fucking have it within you.

Your own saving grace.

Not the doctors, your loved ones, not anything nor anyone,

Everything is inside of you.

It always has been, since day one.


And when you choose to surrender,

you unlock its magic.

Nothing can harm you,

nothing can get in your way.


Your fears begin to oh so quickly dissolve,

back into the illusions from which they came.


Because when you give yourself permission to fully surrender,

you unlock the anti-venom which has laid dormant within you all along. 


You unleash the dam of your divine potential.

The powerful God/Goddess within,

You start to sing your soul's true song.



You unleash the magic of your internal life force.

The power that has been oh so patiently waiting.


Waiting for you to wake up from this nightmare,

the one you weren't even aware you've been replaying.


The power that's been knocking at the door to your soul,

beckoning you to answer,

urging you to step into your fullness,

your power,

your unconditional love,

your heaven on earth that is now more than ever yours to claim.


The heaven that can only be accessed by truly understanding, 

that it's been here, within youall along,

even on this crazy, chaotic, physical plane.

xo. Chloe Elizabeth.