What If You Let Go of All Control + Just Lived From A Place of Knowing?


What if you were to let go?


Let go of all control?


Let go of having to know EXACTLY the plan, A to fucking Z. and driving yourself crazy trying to figure out everything in between.


What if you lived in a state of constant flow, constant trust and constant knowing.


Knowing that your desires are enough, your intuition is enough, your SOUL is enough, 




What if you just let go?


It sounds so peaceful, so amazing, so flowy and yet at the same time OH so not possible a part of you still says.

The part of you that doesn't want to let go.


For fear of losing control.

Fear of the unknown.

Fear of being rejected.





But what if just for a second, you accepted that these fears are simply just that.



Illusions you have created in your mind.

and quite frankly will always be just in your mind.

With the power that only YOU choose to give them.


That they are just conditioned fears, conditioned beliefs.

Beliefs that we have the power to change.

That we have the power to DECIDE to become aware of and change with the snap of our fingers... if only we choose.



It really is just a decision.

A decision that can't possibly be made with the mind.

bc the mind will slyly lead you back to fear without you ever realizing.

and you might THINK you are living from your soul..

but in reality you are simply caught in another trap of your mind.



So release.


KNOW the knowing that you've always known.

The knowing you've always known you always knew.



Says your mind. 


But your soul knows.

Your heart knows.

YOU know.

The real you.

The you that is free from the false masks and illusions of society. Free from the fears and SHOULDS and COULDS in order to fit in, free from the  BS we have hidden behind for so long.



So I invite you to, even for just a small second if that's all your mind will allow, to let the fuck go.

Release your fear, gripping on so fucking tightly, must control, stress, frazzled, razzle dazzled state.


Take a deep breathe.


And know and trust and FEEL into that inner wisdom deep within.

That inner wisdom deep within you that we have learned oh so well how to ignore.

Breeathe it all in, 





and KNOW

that is it ok to let go. Safe to let go.

bc YOU know, you are always always always being guided to your highest good.


if only you choose to come back to this place every so often and just breathe.



Alll the love,