Who do you want to BE, DO and HAVE?


WHO do you want to BE, DO and HAVE?

I'm calling you out bc NOW is the time to BE, DO and HAVE it all. 


I had to get rid of the fear, the struggle, the "how the fuck am I going to pay my bills" and "when the hell is this business going to happen"... when I was stuck in an unconscious, chronic cycle of NON ACTION TAKING and wasn't even effing building the business. (yes, all the emphasis words)

I use to be the "someday" QUEEN.

I was a chronic personal development reader who indulged 24/7 in all the personal development and spiritual things like it was my job.

which it IS, don't get me wrong, we need all that ish,

but it was like I was just waiting for my business to fucking fall out of the sky. Not to mention taking waay to much adderall in the process.

Until one day I realized that someday must be and can only be NOW.

>>I said goodbye to a totally unaligned biz as a fitness influencer because deep down in my soul I knew that was me just dancing around my TRUE purpose work.

>>I healed through narcissistic abuse from my childhood and stepped into my power instead of shrinking down into the little girl that lets everyone and everything persuade her and tell her what to do, say, think and be. 

>>I got out of an endless cycle after moving back in with my parents of "WTF am I suppose to do with my life. I KNOW I'm here to do more, I KNOW I'm suppose to be doing soul healing, consciousness shifting, vibration raising work, but I can't even think straight because of my childhood ish I'm dealing with" (and we all unconsciously/consciously have it bc no one was raised by perfectly enlightened parents) 

>>I did the mf work, the REAL work, the MINDSET work, the perception shifting, vibration raising, energetic work and broke through the efffing jungle of thoughts in my mind that told me I couldn't.

that told me it was bad to want money.
That I didn't deserve.
That I wasn't good enough.
That business doesn't work that way, little girl.
and I became the Boho Boujee Biz Boddess because WHY THE HELL NOT.


I am being my TRUE SELF, I am BEING the higher version of myself, I am taking action.

I quit saying "one day, one day," thinking I was going to magically come up with the answer while meditating or that the universe or something else was fucking going to give me the answer.

I finally woke up and realized... I am the MF answer. Everything I needed was already inside of me.

I am being the soul aligned me that KNOWS anything and everything is possible and that the universe reflects back to us what we believe about life.

I am being the me that doesn't care what the textbook, perfectly posed pictures, step by step system entrepreneurs are doing or the corporate world that says it takes YEARS to even touch six figures are saying and started following my SOUL.

Because I KNOW that once you step into WHO YOU WERE ALWAYS MEANT TO BE, time doesn't matter because it is just an illusion.

I am taking soul aligned action and finally listening to that little voice,
that inner feeling, that little nudge,
my higher self that has been trying to guide me all along, but I was too caught up with the BS illusionary drama in my head from my childhood and who the hell knows where else to even acknowledge it.

>>I manifested my boho apartment and freedom lifestyle and now I'm manifesting a location free life/traveling to my favorite mountain getaways, first class, all the time because

Are you coming or not?

This is an invitation from my soul to your soul. 

I know the corporate cubicle feels safe and the thing you "should be doing."
But I can promise you this, it will never satisfy what your SOUL IS SCREAMING YOU NEED TO BE DOING. 



All the love,