Why you're stuck where you are and you'll stay stuck where you are.


You know you're made for more.

You can feel it.

You're on the edge of a breakthrough.

But for whatever reason, you just can't fucking BREAK THROUGH.


Your soul is calling, no SCREAMING at you from the other side.


But half of you, or maybe more, is still stuck here.


Your soul is over therein the realm where everything you desire already exists.


And the rest of you, your ego, your mind, your BS is stuck herewhere you don't want to be.

You just can't seem to escape.

And it's driving you insane.


What if I told you that the "secret" is simply choosing to step into THERE and BECOME that version of you. 

What if I told you that your need to keep talking about where you've been, your need to justify where you currently are to every damn person you know and meet is keeping you where you currently are.





"Oh but they just NEED to know." you say...

"I HAVE to tell them.."

"They need to know what I've been through and why I'm not at {insert some illusionary level of success}

or why I don't have this yet or that yet or the standard boring brick house with a white picket fence yet.

They need to know my story.

or else... *GASP* what might they think of me!?"



I get it:

You can't give up your story. You don't want to.

I mean, after all, It's who you are, right?

It totally defines you as a person,

It totally on all levels defines your worth, your enoughness, your divineness, your abundance, your happiness, your peace, your joy, your wealth, your health, your purpose, your ALL the things,

they are ALL defined by where you've been, your mistakes and failures and whatever else you think you've done to make you "less worthy"... right?





Quite ridiculous, I know. 


You don't need to justify anything to anyone.

You don't need to explain where you've been in order to be granted permission to be who you truly are.


Asking permission before you're allowed to BE you!?

How even more ridiculous does that sound!?


But it's the game we get sucked into and that most won't/don't wanna wake up from.


They like their little comfortable, complainy, dramatic game.

it fuels the fire of their ego. 

and they continue in their little complainy game with other people equally as complainy.

And together they live their little complainy lives, talking about how ONE day, MAYBE ONE DAY, they will somehow magically arrive over THERE, where all their dreams, desires and everything made for them is sitting, patiently waiting for them to wake tf up and realize it's already theirs..


if only they could drop the BS for longer than 2.5 seconds and CLAIM it as theirs.


Will they? 

Who knows.

Who cares.


All that matters is that you're slowly awakening to the fact that... "ohshit.."

"I must be keeping myself stuck."


"I can see it now.."


"I can feel it.."


You're remembering.


So let me remind you once again..


Your SOUL is over THERE. Your desires are over thereEverything you want, ever COULD want, have asked for and WILL ask for in the future are ALL over THERE, in THAT realm. 

and by continuing to give energy and speak and act and think from your current reality and feel the need to justify to every damn jack and sally what you've been through, you will NEVER get THERE.


So now tell me..


are you ready to drop the story now?


Or shall I give you more time to be the prisoner of your very own complainy game?

and we both know what you REALLY want, or else you just wouldn't be here, would you?


After all, time is only an illusion.


The choice is yours.



Remember, everything you need is within you.

Don't look to me to save you.


xoxo, Chlo