You Know, I Know, We Both Know


You know there's more.

you know YOU'RE more.

you can't quite put your finger on it, but you know.


oh yes.


or else you wouldn't be here.


Because let's face it, the stay inside the box sort of people just wouldn't even be on this site, let alone still reading whatever "those crazy woo woo spiritual entrepreneurs that believe money is energy" write about.


But you're here. And you know it's not about that.


It was never about that. Although, that's part of it.

Maybe a part you're still trying to understand.


But the important part is right now.

The feeling inside of you.

the feeling that won't subside.

The feeling that never gets quenched, no matter how many self help books you read or no matter what you fill your physical life with.


Because again, it's not about that either.

it's about you doing what you came here to do.

its about you listening to those subtle nudges inside of you, 

that are guiding you... oh who the hell knows where

but they are guiding you nonetheless

and although it feels scary, you feel this rush of excitement, this thrill, this bliss from following it.


it feels wrong. 

but it feels right.

it feels like an inner knowing.


this deep down feeling of THIS is what I am.

THIS is what I always have been and always will be.


and yet as you continue to be pushed and swayed by your outer world, by society, by the average go to work and go home jack and janes, the feeling continues to eat you alive.


slowly killing you until you decide to full on answer the call and dive in.


I know, you know, we both know,


because then again, I'm just reflecting back to you what is already inside of you.


So as you stand at the crossroad of your SOUL and what the world expects and wants and shoulds and coulds and gotta fit in and make them proud, what are you going to choose?

Are you going to choose you

or are you going to choose them?


Alll the love, 

because love is all there is,