Your current income in your business is a DIRECT reflection of your INNER WORTH.


Your current income in your business is a DIRECT reflection of your INNER WORTH.

Not your TRUE inner worth.

Just the inner worth you are currently aware of.

The inner worth that YOU think you're worth.


That's it.

No other questions. No other excuses. 

That is literally it.

The answer.

NOT because you don't have a fancy intricate funnel set up.

NOT because you don't have pretty perfectly polished branded pictures.

NOT even because you don't have enough followers.


It is simply + truthfully a REFLECTION of what is going on inside of you.

It is what it is.


This is coming from someone who STRUGGLED for YEARS because deep deep unconsciously down somewhere, I didn't believe I deserved.

No matter how much action I took, how much I "hustled," how many step by step programs I wasted money on and no matter how much I learned...

I didn't believe I was worthy.

I didn't believe I was ENOUGH. Just as I was.

The deep unconscious scars from narcissistic abuse + inner childhood wounds ruled my every move.

And my bank account reflected that.


Because money is just energy.

And if we don't think we are ENOUGH, 

If we have DEEPER inner worth issues to work out,

We won't be OPEN to receiving more of it.

If deep down we have this unconscious feeling of not deserving love, we close ourselves off from receiving money as well.

Because it's all the same energy.


Money is a neutral thing. It doesn't MEAN anything.

It's the INTENT behind it.

It's the act of GIVING and RECEIVING that we must be open to.

We must be operating at a frequency of love + worth + all that we desire in order to RECEIVE MORE money. 

Because money literally helps us get all that we love + desire.

So if you don't feel WORTHY, then why would you ever attract more money into your life?


Now you could be saying "OF COURSE I'm worthy. OF COURSE I deserve more."


Because on a CONSCIOUS level you could totally know and BELIEVE that you deserve it ALLL.

But it's the unconscious ish that's running the show.

If you are consciously aware and know that you deserve MORE and are wanting to know what your UNCONSCIOUS beliefs happen to be...

Just look at your bank account.

Even if you are making a good chunk of money...

If you can't seem to reach that next level, it's an unconscious block, a deeply ingrained belief about money or yourself

and possibly what it would MEAN about you or CAUSE for you or what people MIGHT THINK about you if you made more.


It all comes from within.

We create our inner world INTERNALLY first. And then it manifests into the physical.


Luckily for us though, beliefs are just beliefs.

And just like that, we get to change them.

Because after all, you DO get to have it all.



+ Remember,

Everything you could ever want and need is within you.

Even that next income goal.


xoxo, Chlo