You're Not Reaally Stuck, Except In Your Own Bs- Allow What Is To Just Be


Allowing what is. 

Allowing what is to just be.

That's where the magic happens.

That's your point of power.

When you allow what is, you make room for guided, inspired, higher self action, feelings and vibrations to come through.

When you allow what is, that's when you can start creating your reality, rather than running from it.

Because what we resist persists.

That's how we stay feeling stuck + trapped + like we're running in circles with no way out.


So what does this all mean. How do we do this?

It means being present in the current moment, your current reality.

Allowing..literally whatever your current situation is to just be.


>>If you are not where you want to be financially, look at that, accept it, detach the emotions from it, don't beat yourself up over it. Know it has nothing to do with who you are as a person.

>>If you are having late night cravings for junk food, allow the cravings. Just let yourself eat the junk food.


When you do this truly without judgement, eventually you'll get sick of yourself and your habit will just fall away.

>>When you're feeling some type of "negative" emotion- angry, sad, frustrated, anxious- instead of beating yourself up for it and calling yourself stupid or whatever it is that inner critic likes to call you, just LET the feelings come through your body and be felt. Because that's how we transmute them. That's how we allow them to pass through our body and be released.

When we resist what is and beat ourselves up and try to suppress them, they stay stuck in our body.

And that's when we create struggle, grief, frustration and project our suppressed shit onto others. (not pretty for anyone)


So can you now see how important this is!?

How you MUST just allow what is.

Because once you start doing that, you create all the space and room to transform what is into what you truly desire

You stop running from your current reality and have the space and clarity to create a new one.

You stop pretending to be busy with your illusionary BS, constantly resisting and running from it, and turn your energy towards creating the version of you you came here to be.

And how exactly do you do that?

You journal that shit out.

You step into that version.

You show up and take action every damn day as that person. As if everything you desire is already yours.

Because it is.


You literally create-with your vibration, feelings, words, thoughts, whatever it is you truly want. 

You write it, speak it, FEEL it into existence.

You create a new state of BEING for yourself.

You energetically shift yourself to match the frequency of what you truly desire.


But it all starts with one thing that most are too fearful to face.


Allowing whatever is to just be.


Alll the love,