Quit 'Shoulding' All Over Yourself


Our struggle and pain lies in the ‘should.’

What we should be doing.

How we should be feeling.

What we shouldn’t be doing.

How we should be acting.

The job we should be thankful for.

The shit we shouldn’t be complaining about.

The house and grandkids we should be making for our parents (don’t act like yours haven’t hinted at it once or twelve times)

The body we should have.

The partner we should be dating.

The clothes we should be wearing.

The food we should be filling our bodies with.

And all this leads to is pain.
Pain and struggle and “something must be wrong.”

It’s an internal battle that we stuff down with temporary fixes.

Temporary fixes to numb the feelings bubbling up inside of us.

We fill ourselves with distractions to turn our energizer bunny mind OFF for two seconds, instead of facing the internal dialogue head on.

We welcome in and allow not so healthy choices to ultimately escape from nothing but ourselves.

But what if the answer to all the shoulds of the world lied in the truth that you simply shouldn’t be, do, feel, anything or anyone except, well… you.

Exactly as you are, right here in this moment.

That EXACTLY the way you are feeling right now, whether it be angry, sad, depressed, full of joy + bliss, IS JUST PERFECT.

That EXACTLY where you are in life- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, is EXACTLY PERFECT for you in this time, space, dimension and reality.

That YOU being YOU, no matter what that looks like moment by moment, day by day, is more than enough.

More than enough to reach your goals.

More than enough for the people who are meant to be in your life.

More than enough and exactly what you need to feel to get you out of that funk you’re in.

More than enough to propel you forward.

More than enough to become that higher version of yourself.

More than enough to live out your purpose, your mission your truth, to discover your life changing gifts and live an abundant life sharing them with the world.

More than enough to deserve, feel and BE all the love in the Universe.

What if becoming ok and totally comfortable with where you are right here in this moment, was actually THE ANSWER to everything you so desperately desired?

Because it is.

Because YOU. are. enough.

Period. The end.

And until you realize that, you will continue to struggle and just fall short of your dreams. You will continue to wonder why nothing ever seems to work out for you and you just can’t catch a break.

Because when we AVOID the present moment instead of allowing what is, we continue to create this struggle. This vicious cycle that seems endlessly unbreakable.

Because your power lies in the present moment and knowing that you already are whole, you arleady are complete. You already are the person you so desperately desire to become.

Your shoulds and coulds and whatever else the world threw on you is simply blocking your ability to see it.

You are a GODDESS.

Fierce with fiery passion, love and wildness.

The feelings you feel so deep down in your heart of hearts are real.

You are here for a purpose. So much greater than you could ever even imagine.

You are here to share your vibration raising gifts with the world.

An abundant, blissful life of love is your birthright.

You ARE love.

And to feel this, experience, this, know this with all your being,

you must first quit ‘shoulding’ all over your crown.

All the love,