Your Soul's True Song


Aren’t you tired of hiding?
Tired of settling?

Tired of feeling that life can be and IS so much more but you just don’t know how to step into and access that MORENESS!?

Aren’t you ready to awaken to your inner power?

Your soul purpose?

Your inner abundance?

Your natural state of raw, unconditional love?

You KNOW you are here for more..

You know there’s SO MUCH MORE bursting inside of you,

waiting to come out.

But you’re too busy piddle dickin’ around doing surface level things that you think you’re “suppose” to do.

Things that don’t fulfill you, that stress you out, that you quit frankly just don’t want to fucking do.

And then you’re stuck, in this stupid, on going cycle again.

It’s because you have to heal the inner junk first.

Because everything you need is already within you.

It’s not in anything outside of you.

It never has been.

No matter how much you were made to think otherwise.

It’s not in a new career, a new city, a new partner and it’s not anyone else’s or any circumstance’s fault.

It’s inside.

It’s a pattern, a vibration that continues to play on repeat that is attracting the things you don’t desire.

All the signs, all the chaos, all the struggle, is pointing towards you.

Getting you to wake up and see that your outer world is simply a reflection of what is going on internally.

I had to wake up to this too.

And it was an abrupt wake up.

I had to dig deep to find my inner worth, my inner abundance. To feel like I deserved the money, the love, the peace, the happiness, the business, the nice things, the traveling (the whatever, because it’s all the same anyways, it’s all energy, it’s all love.)

And if you’re continuing at a frequency, at a vibration of anything LOWER THAN,

THAT is what you will continue to attract into your life.

Chronic struggle in any area is a sign from the Universe, from God, gently urging you to become aware of where you are subconsciously out of alignment with your true nature..

Where you’re not following your heart, your intuition, trusting and loving yourself fully, loving others unconditionally, where you’re not following your desires.

Maybe you’re stuck in a “should” situation where you’re doing something because you feel you must or because it’s the “proper” thing to do rather than because it truly lights you up and is what is in alignment with your soul.

The struggle,

it’s a portal to move through.

To become more aware of yourself.

An invitation to step more fully into who you truly are.

Because let me ask you, do you know who you truly are?

The struggle, the silence, the pain, the heartbreak,

it’s all an invitation to go deeper into your self.

It’s love disguised as pain,

as growing, as an illusion, set out to eat you alive.

When in reality, all that’s really needed is a shift in perception.

A willingness to see things differently.

A willingness to see the love that is in all things.

Especially in the places where it hurts the most to look.

A willingness to let go, to surrender,

to the infinite cosmic being that you are.

Ultimately abundant, filled to the brim, overflowing with infinite unconditional love.

Because again,

don’t you see?

Everything you truly needed, need and ever will.. was within you all along.

So are you willing to wake up?

Are you willing to surrender?

Are you willing to answer the call of your soul’s true song?