Quit DANCING Around the Edges of Who You Came Here to Be


Quit DANCING around the edges of who you came here to be, of your purpose, your TRUE soul work.

I see you.

You're hiding behind what's comfortable.

What's safe.

What makes you feel unseen.

The job that's safe but is sucking your soul out day by day.

The partner that's good + makes you happy, 

but is not the crazy, passionate, sexy, unconditional, divine love you know on a soul level exists.

The life that's pleasant, you're grateful for, but deep down you know is so mediocre you're disgusted with yourself and feel as if your soul just needs an energetic shower.

Or two.

I see you.

I feel you.

And I get it.

But how long are you going to go on pretending.

How much longer can your precious soul take the pressure of being pushed down, confined, stuffed, CRAMMED 

inside your tiny little box of safety + mediocrity? 

How long?

Because you know it's been screaming to be let out.


With every sign of struggle, burn out, exhaustion, "why can't things ever go my way" and "when the fuck am I going to catch a break?," It screams a little louder.

With every sign the Universe sends you that you're so way out of alignment, your soul gets a little less patient. 

And you grow a little less sure.

Less sure of the this life you so "perfectly" created based on what everyone else but you decided.

Based on what everyone else wanted and thought would be best.

And lets face it,

You're tired of pretending.

So when will enough be enough? 

You can certainty go on as you are, galavanting around as if everything is all fine and dandy, 

But nobody wants to see what happens when that story comes to a crashing end.

I know you know that deep down you know. We all know.

But that's not important.

What IS important, 

And all that truly matters really,

Is that your soul knows.

It always knows.

And it sees you and feels you and IS you- as you dance so carefully around the edges of fully embracing and surrendering to all that you are, to all that you're here to be, do and have.

It sees you going to bed at night, your head hitting the pillow with that dull ache + emptiness inside of you, that piece that just feels missing, that part of you that doesn't feel whole, 

It's the part of you oh so patiently, but maybe not so patiently anymore, waiting for you to WAKE TF UP.

Because you know you were made for MORE.

So when are you going to quit dancing around the edges, playing it safe? 

If not now, you'll probably decide when it's already too late.