That Voice Holding You Back

You are creating your life, each and every moment.

From the way you react to people, your circumstances, right down to the thoughts that flow through your head.

>>So what type of thoughts are you allowing to fill up your mind? 

>>How do you talk to yourself?  

Is your inner critic like the evil step mother from Cinderella?

Constantly critiquing, judging and falsely reminding you you're not good enough? 

Or is it an understanding, compassionate, unconditionally loving fairy god mother who loves you no matter what? 

It might sound silly at first but a majority of the time THIS is the only thing that's holding us back.

This is the reason we don't follow through with our goals, our dreams, all those amazing ideas constantly flowing through to us. 


We don't believe we can.

We don't believe we're enough. 


And the hardest part is simply becoming aware of this subconscious inner critic and noticing how abusive it is. 

Noticing that the thoughts that come from it usually are not our own. 

but things we heard as little children,

from our parents and other adults, 

playing on repeat in our subconscious mind. 

But once we DO become aware, we can then begin to disidentify from these thoughts and decide to not believe this illusion of "not enough."

We can choose better, more empowering, thoughts that are instead aligned with our highest good☮️

We can love ourselves, and in return others, more fully, completely and unconditionally.

We can quit the struggle, let go of the false stories, and step into all that we are meant to be.

Because everything we need is already within us.

And you my love, are a whole Universe.

All the love,