True Change Happens on a Vibrational Level


"Why do I read ALL the personal development books I can get my hungry little hands on and nothing seems to change!? Nothing seems to get better!?"

>>Because you can't solve a problem with the same state of mind/level of consciousness that created it.

Let me repeat that for those in the back.

You can't THINK your way out of your problems with the same mindset that got you there to begin with. 

You can read and learn and take things in on a mental level all day long but if you aren't looking at and changing your core beliefs, you will repeat the same unwanted story OVER AND OVER. 

Transforming your life is a matter of transforming your perception of yourself, life and the people in it. 

when you're trying to change your life and read 11 personal development books at one time it can feel overwhelming,

like you have to write every little thing down as if you're in school, 

or else you're going to miss something and you're not going to become a better person if you do. (Yes I speak from being on this struggle bus)

But the truth and the secret is to LET GO of that. 

Bc true change happens on a vibrational level.

NOT on a mental level.-

You can't solve a problem from the same level of consciousness that created the problem. 

You must rise above it energetically to find the solution.

So you don't have to THINK your way through it and write a million to do lists with different morning routines that take 3.5 hours that you don't even really want to do. 

You don't have to look at every person and every external thing in your life and see what you need to get rid of or what you need to add to make yourself better. 

Bc you find the answers by turning INWARD.

By doing the energetic work

The journaling.

The feeling of old feelings.

By looking at how YOU can change YOU, deep down.

By getting honest with yourself and looking at the crap that you've been avoiding, 

the crap you don't really want to look at within yourself. 

By looking at old beliefs/subconscious patterns.

Acknowledging them, letting them go and writing new ones.

THAT is how you create lasting change.

THAT is how you get unstuck. 

THAT is how you begin to transform from the inside out.

And most importantly that is how you begin to love yourself, and in turn others, fully, completely and unconditionally

All the love,