It is Safe to Feel All the Feels


You’re allowed to feel sad.

You’re allowed to feel icky.

You’re allowed to be having an off day and not want to speak to anyone.

You’re allowed to say no if it means staying in integrity with who you truly are and what you’re truly feeling at the moment.

The majority of our pain and struggle comes not from our emotions + what we are feeling, but our REACTION to those emotions.

The notion that something MUST be wrong if we’re feeling down.

If we’re feeling angry, bored, sad, frustrated.

If we’re feeling ANYTHING but high vibe + happy 24/7.

And this second hand reaction of “wtf is wrong with me.” and beating ourselves up for simply FEELING, is what continues to KEEP us stuck in the cycle of emotions we so desperately try to escape…

totally unaware that the secret to escaping them, is to simply ALLOW them to pass through our body,

with no judgement,

knowing that we are NOT the emotion,

WE are not sad, down, angry, frustrated, anxious,

WE are something far greater, beyond words.

It is simply something in us, the false self, that is feeling this way at the moment,

and all we need to do is allow it to be felt and pass on through.

I believe we aren’t taught, aren’t conditioned the proper way to perceive emotions.

It’s no ones fault, our parents and other adults before us just didn’t know any better.

When we were little we were told to stop crying, get over it, that you’re being a bad child if you feel angry or frustrated. That good little boys and girls don’t get angry or express any type of “negative” emotion, especially not to an authority figure.

That something must be wrong if we’re feeling sad. We must be depressed and need medical help.

We were told “it’s nothing to get emotional over.,” while made to feel awkward and weird for deeply feeling because the adults around us weren’t comfortable with their own emotions, so they didn’t know how to just BE in the moment and let us feel ours.

But tell me…

Emotions are simply part of the human experience, ALL of them. On all ends, sides and dimensions of the spectrum.

So why do we judge, criticize, condemn and look down upon the so called “negative” ones?

Doing so only leads to suppression.

Only leads to the build up of them,

in our subconscious, in our aura, in our bodies.

When we don’t create a safe container to feel all of our emotions,

They get energetically STUCK in our body, and we become like a bubbly, negative emotion bottle of soda, just WAITING to be shaken the wrong way and POP.

Do you see how this leads to anger, rage, projection of our wounds onto others and negative behaviors that could otherwise be avoided if we were just taught to feel our feelings to begin with?

For years, my whole life really up until recently, I wasn’t even AWARE that I didn’t know how to feel my feelings. That I was subconsciously suppressing my anger, frustration and desire to speak my mind. I had been taught through a narcissistic relationship that it was safer to stuff down my truth and to go with the flow of what others wanted, to not disrupt the peace with my true feelings.

And this eventually manifested into physical illness so that I could awaken to all that I had been so blind to.

So that I could truly see and feel and understand on such a deeper level, the importance of feeling all the feels and not judging ourselves for whatever ones come up.

So I could heal myself and then help others heal as well.

Because it is safe to feel.

It is safe to be whatever you are right here in this moment.

And simply becoming aware of that and allowing yourself to feel it all, is the first step to getting out of your emotional funks and moving towards who you truly came here to be.

xoxo, Chlo