Money is ENERGY. It's Not Bad to Want, Have, Charge or Desire It

the boho boujee goddess

Yesterday I decided to share my story of how I completely healed my body in a few communities that clearly are still attached to the old way of thinking.

And people were triggered.

Besides the fact that most were not open to the idea that we actually have the power to heal ourselves,

there were humans that said some mean things.

Like that if I truly cared about people, I wouldn’t charge for my work.

I would do it for free.

That if my heart was truly in helping others, I would never even THINK about asking for money.

One person even asked how I sleep at night. Lol

And while on the surface these comments definitely stung,

I knew that this was an opportunity to use them for good, to stand more firmly in my power and behind what I believe.

Like that this whole money being “bad” thing needs to be over with already.

Like yesterday.

Like years ago actually.

As well as this idea that you can’t be “spiritual,” you can’t have a damn PURPOSE AND a shit ton of money.


Because here is what I know for sure…

Money is not bad.

Money is not good.

It is simply energy.

And paying someone is simply an EXPRESSION OF APPRECIATION,

an acknowledgement of the value of a creation.

You being triggered by someone charging for their services, is a reflection of some money shit going on inside of you.

I also know that there is nothing noble about struggling.

There is nothing noble about being poor. 

You don’t win a prize nor do you get an extra gold star by your name in the Book of Life if you somehow manage to work your whole life for free.

In fact, if you truly want to get religious because I can totally go there for you,

there are many verses in the bible about prosperity, “opening the windows of heaven” and God giving you more than enough.

But that’s not the point.

The point is that

You deserve to be paid A SHIT TON (however much you desire and require really) for your inner wisdom and creative gifts.

You have a message that no one else can share but YOU.

You deserve to be paid, just for being you.

Because you are abundant.

It’s your natural state.

And spending money on soul-aligned things, investing in yourself,

spending money on things that LIGHT YOU UP, is actually EXPANSIVE.

It MAGNIFIES your abundance.

Because you’re telling the universe that you believe you are damn abundant and you ain’t afraid to show it.

Because another thing.. money actually never runs out,

there’s an endless supply,

because your abundance comes from WITHIN.

The running out and “not enough” and FEAR vibes.. they’re all an illusion that you can CHOOSE to opt out of.

Yup, I said it.

There are no mf rules.

Because they’re all made up.

And anything that says OTHERWISE is simply a lack/scarcity mentality.

It’s a mentality that I use to struggle with, but praise the good lord baby Jesus since we’re talking about religion, did the inner work to shift.

I had a terrible relationship with money.

Although growing up my family was more than well off, my parents fought about it continuously.

I had subconscious beliefs that there was never enough, that money caused problems,

was bad, that you shouldn’t want lots of it and also that I really didn’t deserve to have any anyways.

So for the majority of my life, my money just seemed to magically disappear.

Like quite literally, POOF.

No matter how much I made, I never seemed to have enough.

For the majority of my fitness business I struggled to make ANY because deep down I didn’t believe I was worthy.

Not to mention HELD ON to whatever money I DID make, because I was scared as hell it was never going to come back lol


There were moments in time when I didn’t know if I was going to even have enough for groceries or gas.

Money felt hard, money felt icky. It felt.. impossible, really.

And what I realized was, I was giving my power away to something OUTSIDE of me.

I was allowing money to control me.

Because I wasn’t aware that my abundance came from within.

(I also wasn’t aware of this dandy little fact that you get to make up the mf rules.)

Money feels easy to me now.

Because I’ve done the inner work to shift and transcend this “money matrix.”

I’ve created a life and business around making money from my inner creative power, from sharing my truth and gifts with the world and quite literally, just being me.

I know that when I let go, focus on being the creator I am here to be, that the money always shows up.

And that I get to have as much and create as much as I choose.

Because that’s the way life works.

It’s all just a reflection of your consciousness.

It’s just basic quantum physics really.

But who am I- an infinite being, an extension of GOD, Source, Spirit, THE COSMOS, to make these kinds of statements anyways?


I also know that when you rise up and share your Truth (yea with a capital T) unapologetically, lead from the heart, show up boldly, be open and vulnerable,

 It will cause other humans to feel threatened/triggered by you shinning your light so MF BRIGHTLY.


And like in this situation, I can choose to let it contract me, to cause me to shrink and hide away,

I can question whether or not my inner gifts and wisdom and ultimately MY Truth is true and real and whether or not I even DESERVE money and the abundant life I desire..



I can know and TRUST and fully believe with CERTAINTY, that everything inside of me I feel is REAL.

I can choose to feel the not so good feels that it brings up, let it go and come back to myself.

I can choose to allow this contrast to lead me EVEN FURTHER into what I DO want,

what I DO stand behind and what I DO know to be the truthiest truths of all the motherfucking truths.

I can choose to let go of the people that said these hurtful comments and know that it has nothing to do with me,

but at the same time does because I can choose to see this as an opportunity to turn INWARD and see why I attracted those types of comments in the first place.

An opportunity to see and SHIFT what part of me must still not feel fully worthy of all the money.

Because it’s never about the outer situation, the other person, the circumstance, it’s always about what’s inside of YOU.

Because it’s all just a reflection of your consciousness.

And THIS, THIS process, this type of analysis, this way of thinking, this level of BEING,

is how I’ve TRANSCENDED all the situations and circumstances the average Joe would more than willingly take to JUMP,

as quickly as possible, on the blame and victim train.

The blame and victim train that leads to no where but ALL OF THE SAME

The same shit.

The same struggles.

The same “not enough’s” and “woe is me’s” and blaming everyone and everything OUTSIDE of them, for why they keep creating struggle in their life.

But if you desire to be successful,

if you desire to live from soul and purpose and feeling fully fulfilled every night when you go to bed,

If you desire to be overflowing with the joy and BLISS and ECSTASY of all that’s possible,

of all that life is oh so patiently waiting to give you- INCLUDING vibrant HEALTH

you gotta tell your ego to STEP ASIDE

because NO, money is not bad, evil, greedy, OF the devil or whatever the eff other bullshit story you’ve been conditioned believe,

It’s just energy.

So WHY not make if your mf friend!?

Never forget- everything you need is within you-

All the triggery triggers,