"I want to live my dream life BUT-"

"I want to quit piddle dickin' around and GO for my dreams BUT-"

"I want to BE the MF badass leader I deep down know I am BUT-"

"I want to make money by just being ME BUT-"




"Oh it couldn't POSSIBLY be that easy!" You cry.

Because as humans we like to make it so hard.

We like to drag out a story and make ours seem the hardest.

We like to compete and prod and poke and dig even DEEPER into WHY WHY WHY we can't just have it all NOW.


Why we believe we aren't worthy.

All the horrible things our mother, father, teachers, friends, rando from 2nd grade told us that STUCK in our consciousness that is keeping us from making the damn thing happen.

We like to justify and go in circles and ponder and live in our head and allow the EGO to rule our kingdom.

Or queendom, you see.

When in all reality,

When in all, sweet, sweet, delicious reality..


You've always had a mf choice.

To put the past away.

To put it all behind you NOW.

Because the past is not real,

just as the future is not real.

The only moment is NOW.

And all is well or all is hell.

Whatever you so choose.

Whatever you so DECIDE.

Your decision is powerful.

Your FOCUS is powerful.

So let me ask you, what are you DECIDING?

What are you TOLERATING in your life, business, body, finances, love, relationships?

What are you taking a stand for and DECIDING,

"IDK f*cking HOW, I just KNOW that is gets to be, it HAS to be this way from NOW on" and just letting tf GO.

Because once you decide, once you declare, once shit hits the fan and you just surrender it all to the universe,

Oh that's when things get good.

That's when the resistance drops and everything flows into your life like a crazy, joyous, river of goodness.

A river of abundance.

It's all waiting for you, you see.

It's already lined up for you.

The only thing blocking it..well..

Is a self inflicted DAM.

A self inflicted dam of excuses, unworthiness, lies, anxiety (excuses), and mf WHAT IFS.

It's a self inflicted dam that all this time you could have just busted through.

You built the damn thing,

Don't you know you have the power to BLOW IT UP whenever you DECIDE!?

You can spend ETERNITY healing your shit.

We're eternal beings you know.

What you seek, you shall find.

Seek for more reasons WHY you CAN'T and find them all laid out on a silver platter for you, polished and sharp, ready to sting.

Dig deep, believe in the badass, the way maker, the life changer, the MF WARRIOR you know you truly are, and watch the red carpet be rolled out before you.

No one appointed me this title, I appointed my own damn self.

So really my question is,

When are you going to step up and appoint YOU?

Your time is now.

And everything you need, is already within you.

xx Chlo

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Back to SOUL.

Back to being YOU.

To being PAID for your gifts and all your glory.

It’s time to go from Broke to Boujee AF

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