You Must Appoint Your Own Damn Self

You know you’re here for more.

You know you’re here for greatness.

You KNOW, with every bone and every cell and every molecule vibrating around inside of you,

That YOU have a MF purpose.

A purpose made for SO MUCH MORE than words could even describe.

“How do you know?”

“What do you think you’re just special or something?”

“How narcissistic of you.”
The mediocre peopley people of the world may say.

(Totally unaware that the very same GREATNESS and power lies within THEM.)

Oh if only they knew.

So, how DO you know?

You just well.. KNOW.

You can’t explain it.

It’s a deeper, inner knowing.

That vibrational knowing beyond all knowings.

That always has been and always will be type of knowing.

It doesn’t matter though, because the point of the point of the very important POINT ISS,

You are here and you just fucking know.

So what next, you may be asking.

Now that I know, you know and we all know.

Welll, we must let the people know of course!

Because if I have learned anything in my lifetimes of being it is this:


You must get over the fear,

the ego BS
the “what will people think!?”

and the collective subconscious conditioning.

You must drop the ego but at the same time rise up and acknowledge your greatness.

You must step up and BECOME the leader that you are.

You must OWN all aspects of you- light and dark and everything in between.

You must question everything and release all knowing.

You must let go of how you think it SHOULD be.

You must let go of all labels.

Let go of all titles.

You must unlearn all that you’ve learned and get ready to be reconditioned.

You must allow the flow of life to course through your veins.

You must CLAIM your throne.

You must release the ego and quite simply understand,

that claiming your greatness is not narcissistic nor vein,

Don’t fall back into your ego’s tricks of keeping you small.

Because to truly humble yourself,

is to not CARE that others may view you as arrogant or snobby.

That’s where we tend to get caught up in it all.

Staying small,

staying caught up in your fears, your drama, your “I don’t know hows”

None of it is of service to the world,

OR YOU for that matter.

It’s vain, it’s self indulgent, it’s very, dare I say, egoTISTICAL of you.

Stepping into and OWNING the BADASS within you,

now THAT is of service, that is SERVING the WORLD.

Sharing your GIFTS with the world is SERVING the WORLD.

Pretending you’re too scared and don’t know wtf they are… is SELFISH I say!

What a paradox, huh?

And eventually it just becomes a thing of MUST,

because you MUST do your purpose work,

you MUST share your gifts,

you MUST pick yourself up and stop wallowing in your pitiful self pity,

because it’s NOT ABOUT YOU.

It never was.

Although, it is.

But it’s not.

You catch my drift?

And again, I shall say, that you MUST appoint your own damn self.

Because no one’s going to do it for you.

No one can see the greatness in you, until YOU wake up and see the greatness in you.

Because after all,

the world is simply a reflection of YOU- your thoughts + beliefs.

So what you are believing?

Hopefully that everything you need.. is within you.

xx Chlo


it's time.

What time you ask?

YOUR TIME of course.

To claim your throne.

To appoint your OWN damn self.

With my guidance and support and inner wisdom and knowledge of course!

It's time to go from BROKE TO BOUJEE!

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