The energy to hit your next level of income is already there,

but is it AVAILABLE?

Is it available or is it being clouded and shrouded by less than hell yeses, 'maybes,' things that aren't truly in alignment, things you KNOW you should've said no to lifetimes ago, like that one man, worrying what your parents may think, programs you don't truly want to sell, health + fitness choices you know aren't ideal and anything else you know is NOT a HELL MOTHERF*CKING YES!?

Because your next level?

It's yours.

It is done.

But to make ROOM for it?

To actually call it into the physical?

To actually lock it in, pass go and collect way more than $200?

You're going to have to let go of everything that isn't soul aligned, baby.


That's how this works.

Is it bringing you JOY or not?

If it's NOT, it's out.

Clear it from your field.

Whether it be a person, place, thing, emotion, thought, or belief.

It all has to go BYE BYE

if you want to make room for the next level you.

I mean, did you think you'd make it to the million, billion, tippy top by holding on to all your dead from decades ago baggage??

There ain't room for that up here.

Only high-vibe soul-aligned goodness, ya see.

So let's get real.

Between you and me.

What do you just need to drop drop drop

like a hot hot hot


Drop it like it's hot and turn your head towards the vision.

Let it go like Elsa and create space for all that's been ATTEMPTING to get in but hasn't been able to because of said above things that need to be let go of.

No need for rhyme or reason or a big long speech about it.

No need to justify or announce to the world you are letting it all go.

No need to CONVINCE people of your decision or prove anyone that you're right.


Is a complete sentence.

Your reasoning or explanation is not needed.

Because soul said to is enough.

If you don't believe it's enough...

Take my go ahead.

Take my permission if you need it.

But, really, truly, the soul-aligned you knows you need no ones permission.

Especially not mine.

Because if you don't already believe that YOU'RE IT.


No one else is gonna validate that for you.

It's just a soul thing.

An internal knowing.

And you know, I know, we ALLLL know, what your soul has been maybe not so lovingly telling you you need to let go of.

So now?

Just drop it.

End of discussion.

Like I said, no need to explain.

We forgive ourselves and move the f*ck on around here.

No pity party necessary.

Only next level badassary allowed.

Because don't forget- everything you could ever need, is still within you.

I'm just here to kick your ass when you forget.

xx Chlo


We are going DEEP into next-level manifestation- abundance in ALL areas of life.

A friend and I were talking the other day..

And we realized.. so many people agree with the phrase, ‘you create your own reality,’

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Which of course, there’s no judgement around this..

We’re just not taught this way.

We’re not taught how to use all our gifts and power accessible to us, let alone that we HAVE more power than we’re even aware of.

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