Are you riding the wave and the energy of the download that has been given to you?


When are you going to learn it is safe to trust?

When are you going to learn it is safe to let allll the way go?

The more you grip, the more you hold on, the more you try oh how you try, to control control control..

The more you will struggle.

LEAP and the net will appear

Your higher self reminds you over and over and over again.

Yet your ego likes to stay safe,

in its own little comfort zone.

In its own little box.

PRETENDING it's getting the message out into the world.

PRETENDING it's making an impact.

PRETENDING it's living the damn life you know you came here to live.

But really?




Not even close your soul screams back.

Not even CLOSE to the magical goodness waiting for you when you let go of all resistance, let go of all control, let go of the motherfucking HOW and just so so deeply KNOW,

That YES, it is motherfucking done.

There is no other option.

Are you riding the wave and the energy of the download that has been given to you?

Or are you blocking it, smashing it and trashing it like an old moldy fruit cake on Christmas eve?

The answers are there.

The steps are there.

The soul whispers are there.

Getting louder and louder as you continue to sway off path.

Sure you can never TRULY sway off path,

Because your soul will just redirect you much like Siri or google maps.

But why not jump on THE path.

THE motherfucking path.

The one lined and wined and dined with gold and all things good.


and you're hiding in the dark like a vampire TERRIFIED to come out into the daylight.

When are you going to wake up and realize it's all here for you, child.

Everything you need.

It's just a frequency, a vibration, another timeline hop away.

Are you turning your head towards the vision?

Are you raising your vibration to match the download?

Are you ALLOWING in all that is divined for you?

The struggle is an illusion.

An illusion.

An illusion.

In this holographic reality.

But are you so delusional that you believe it?

Many may call me, us, the ones who KNOW they are made for more, who tap in, tune in and are turned ON by this life and all of their other wordly gifts, many may call us 'unrealistic.'

Saying. "GET REAL."

"That's not the way it works, honey."

But let me be the one to oh so gently remind you,

Oh yes it motherfucking does.

All you must do is remember.

Those who don't believe in magic,

Will never find it.

But you know it's real.

You know it's there.

You've tapped into it before, oh yes.

But a constant stream?

The better it gets the better it gets?

You still struggle even imagining.

You still struggle grasping a reality different from the current.

Even though, oh even THOUGH you have proven to yourself,

time and time again that, yea...

You're creating this whole damn masterpiece.

You are the artist.

The creator.

The maestro.

The commander in chief.

But then again you're not.

You're co-creating with the universe, you see.

So you're creating it, yes.

But when it seems to be too big, too much, too out there and crazy and HOW the fuck am I suppose to make this work???

Remember, it wasn't really your dream and vision to begin with.

You are just the messenger.

So what are you waiting for, darling.

Get to messaging.

And never forget- everything you need is within you.

xx Chlo

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