Unleash the Beast [Quit Playing Small]


I see you playing small.

Only asking for what you need.

And not a smidgen of a dollar over.

Playing it safe.

Scared to step outside the lines.

Scared to let it all hang outtt.

Wouldn't want to disrupt the people.

Wouldn't want to draw attention to yourself.

Wouldn't want to get out of hand.

So you continue on staying JUUSSSSTT inside the box.

Just inside your comfort zone.

Just asking for enough to get by.

Just pricing your products and services, YOUR GIFTS at a modest price because I mean....

Really.. you don't need all those fancy things.

It's fine inside the box really.

It's a cozy box really.

and I have everything I need you insist.

Meanwhile your plans, your dreams, your wild, crazy desires

to RADICALLY SHIFT. DISRUPT. and CHANGE the MF WORLD get left out on the porch.

Meanwhile the WILD WOMAN inside of you is SCREAMING at the mediocreville MASK you've been oh so obediently wearing to LET HER OUT.

To let her rave and ravage and disrupt

and IMPACT the world in the way that only she knows how.

You hear her cries with every limiting belief you entertain about WHY YOU can't have it all.

With every thought and negative emotion you've been holding onto that wasn't yours to pick up in the first place.

With every NO you say to your soul,

She dies a little more and more inside.

This woman, this GODDESS..

Is inside you.

Waiting to be let out.

Waiting to be UNLEASHED.

Waiting to be given permission, not by the world,

but by YOU.

To be given permission to have her way.

To unapologetically ask and COMMAND for all that she desires,

knowing damn well it's hers and it's already done.

Waiting to UNLEASH her GIFTS.

YOUR true gifts that you KNOW deep down without a doubt are worth more than the masked version of you will ever feel comfortable charging.

It's despicable.

A DISGRACE really.

And yes, you're the one that's allowing this to continue.

She's there.

Inside you.

I feel her.

Every moment.

Every dream.

Every juicy, inspired, creative idea,

she's calling to you.

The wild one.

The badass leader.

The unapologetically knows and asks for what she wants

and the universe hands it to her on a silver platter, Goddess.

It's all inside of you.

It always has been.

Isn't it time to let her out to play??

The world's waiting.

And the only moment...

is NOW.

xx, Chlo


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