Back to the Future Rant

International Women's Day.

Happy International Women's Day.

I never got certain holidays.

Or celebratory days of recognition.

Because I felt there were certain days we should just embody all the time.

Like the one about love.

The one about being thankful.

The ones about loving our parents.

But idk, maybe it's just the dreamer in me.

Dreaming about unconditional love and a world where every one already realizes that...


Everything they could ever need.. is already within them.


I believe more and more are waking up to this simple yet to some still so profound thought.

I know I didn't always know such a thing.

I know I didn't always think ANYTHING cool, profound, worthy, creative, strong, even worthwhile was within me.

I desperately searched and clung to everything OUTSIDE of me.

I desperately searched and clung to anything that could make me feel better.

But then again, I think we all have a moment or two like that in life and there's no reason to kick up that dirt again.

Oh no, not after all we've accomplished and how far we've come.

Not after all we've been through,

and we've realized.

Not after all we've forgiven ourselves for.

And all we've transmuted.

Not after all we've let go of and turned into unconditional love.

There's no use really EVER reactivating old vibrations.

Because why would one want to focus on the past anyway, ya know?

You're not going there.

And you can't get to where you're going from way back there.

It's back to the future.

Except instead of going BACK..

Whatever was BACK there caused a desire for something better.

And that something better is where we're headed.

Where we're ALWAYS headed if that's where you should choose to continue to keep your focus.

Where you keep your focus is the key, you see.

It always has been.

But our sweet, precious mind,

Our old AF brain, 2 million or however tf old survival mechanism..

Likes to keep us focused on the past.

Just in case, ya know?

Just in case, Idk, we get eaten by a saber tooth tiger

or some odd animal on our daily scavenge out into the wild to gather our food.

Oh wait, sorry brain, we don't have to do that anymore.

You can calm down now.

You can stop worrying.

You can let tf go and let us fall.




Surrendering to our desires.

Because, yea...

There isn't anything to protect us from anymore really.

Our heart space and intuition can do that.

Plus the fear is an illusion anyway.

Don't ya see.

Because it's all a holographic reality,

that we're creating.

Every moment.

Every now.

Every blink of an eye.

Is a new now.




There's only ever now.

The past and the future...

They aren't real in a sense.

Whenever you get to tomorrow, it won't be tomorrow anymore.

It's just.. now.

Because now is all there is.

Now is all there ever will be.

Life is now.

Because time.. oh sweet time.

Is just an illusion.

Yet we run around frantic, allowing it to control us.

When in all reality, we're the creators here.

We get to control it.

If time isn't working FOR you,

than, why, you're just another slave, you see.

Slave to the system.

Slave to the matrix.

Slave to the prison inside your mind.

Free your mind.

Free your energy.

Free your thoughts.

Free your creativity.

Let go of the judgements.

Let go of the fear.

And know,

Know and fully trust and surrender to the fact that..

All is well.

Or all is hell.

It's up to you of course.

As within, so without.

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Heaven is here.

Heaven is now.

It's just what are you choosing to tap into?

You're creating it.

You always have been.

Stop settling for your default setting.

Stop settling for a less than lit TF up life.

Stop settling for going with the motions and never feeling it all.

Never feeling anything except NUMB.

I lived my life like that for a while.

And I am grateful I quickly woke up and opted out of that reality.

Because no reality is the REAL reality, you see.

We're all just making it up.

SO why oh why.

Why why WHY on EARTH,

would you not want to make up the good stuff?

Would you not want to make up your DREAM life?

Too hard?

Not possible?

Because you've got bills to pay, you say?

Suit yourself.

Another belief, another thing you're just making up you know.

But I know you can't just hear it from me.

You've got to experience it yourself.

So once you're done making up the sh*tty stuff.

When you're oh so fed up and have had it and are just ready to surrender to the life waiting for you on the OTHER SIDE of all that fear.

I'll still be here.

In my own little heaven.

Creating my own life.

And I'll be waiting for you.

So will the world.

So will the universe.

Oh so patiently, but maybe not so patiently,

Waiting to welcome you home.

xx Chlo