Journaling: Stepping into Gratitude and Writing Your Reality


People always ask what my journaling looks like.

What I write every day.

How I create my own reality by journaling that ish into existence.

How I shift the blocks.

Step into love, gratitude, raise my vibration by putting thoughts and feelings to paper.

So I wanted to share my ramblings with you this morning.

“I just feel so grateful to start over. So grateful for the ability to start new.

Every day. Every hour. Every moment.

Every single now.

Every now is a chance to step into someone new.

Something new.

The vision.

The dream.

The awakening.

I am filled with nothing but pure love and gratitude.

Life is so good.

Thank you to the divine masculine for seeing me,

Healing me and holding space for me to be the crazy, wild, feminine.

I love you.

I see you.

I honor you.

You are beautiful.

…ramblings that I can’t make out because of my crazy handwriting…

I was scared.

Out of fear.

I avoided all my desires.

I avoided all my desires thinking they were bad, wrong, would take my focus.

When in reality it was everything I needed and wanted and needed to go deeper into myself.

I am so in live with life.

And life is so in live with me.

Chloe… you are doing God’s work.

*wow, what a profound, deep acknowledgement I think and feel*

I am just in complete awe of life.

The better it gets, the better it gets.

I want everyone to know and feel and be this.

This feeling.

I am in service.

Complete, utter, loving, soul shaking service.

Thank you.

And so it is.