How You're Blocking the Flow of Money


A while back I received this download.

It hit me like a ton of bricks while I was in the shower.

"Chloe. You have become SO MUCH. You have manifested SO MUCH already in your physical world. Abundance in all forms. Just look around you. Your health, your place, your business, your relationships.

They are all a reflection of the self love and internal work you have been so deeply committed to.

Your refusal to truly see this..

To own it.

To realize it.. is what's keeping the flow blocked.

It's what is making money hard.

You holding on to your OLD identity.

Holding on to the identity of being someone who:

>Has digestive issues and struggles gaining weight when you've literally never felt better.

>Never has enough when you are always taken care of and always have more than enough.

>Has an iffy, difficult relationship with her mom when things have never been better between the two of you.

>Struggles with money when it has become like a long lost best friend to you.

And so much more.

YOU are the one holding on to these identities.

YOU are the one that still hasn't let go of the old you.

The new you is waiting for you to wake up and realize how effing amazing you are.

How effing amazing you always have been.

You've just been too blind to see.

And once you fully let go and step into this new frequency,

You can't HELP but attract physical abundance.

And yes, in the form of money.

A constant flow.

All you have to do is let go of your old personality.

The ego doesn't like this.

But you're not the same person anymore.

And it's time YOU wake up and realize it.

Everyone else already has."

*cue the mind blown emoji*

When I realized all the above, all I could say was WOW.

Because it was so true.

The only thing holding me back was me clinging on to my old identity.

Afraid to let go.

Afraid of the unknown and who I would be without my struggles.

Our ego doesn't like to hear this but parts of you have to die, in order to be reborn and step into the person you are here to be.

I have experienced more ego deaths than I can count.

Some coming in the form of nights spent crying my eyes out for no apparent reason. But in the moment there was a part of me that knew a releasing of the old was taking place.

The point is that the person we see in our vision..

The us living the life, making the impact, earning the income we deserve and desire and came here for..

Is someone different than who we are now.

Yes, it is still us.

But the highest version of us.

Which means we have to let go of who we THINK we are,

In order to become all that we TRULY are.

And who you truly are is nothing short of a miracle.

Where do you need to let go of old labels?

Where do you need to release the old

To make room for the new?

Tonight with this full moon is the perfect night to do so.

Because don't forget- everything you need is already within you.

xx Chlo

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I love you.

You got this<3