Get Off Your High, Mighty and BROKE Horse


You can still feel worried, and choose the money anyway.

You can still feel worried, doubtful, scared, gut wrenching, stomach twisting fearfulness around money,

and yet CHOOSE it anyway.

You can consciously do the inner work to work on your money fears,

and I mean ACTUALLY sit your ass the fuck down and do the damn work.

Not just watch one of my videos, read a book, get all fake razzle dazzle bejazzled up about money and continue to HIDE from your subconsious fears and limiting beliefs.

Because let's face it sister,

You're only doing YOURSELF a massive disservice.

Not me.

The universe is reflecting back to you your hidden fears and beliefs.

The ones that got INGRAINED in you by your parents and society from ages 0-8 years old.

Because that is where your beliefs come from, you know?

So how was money for you growing up?

Did your parents argue about it?

Was there never enough?

Maybe you had enough like I did, yet your parents were aways worried about it. Arguing about it. Making it out to be this evil, anger causing, terrible thing that did nothing but cause problems.

Lets REWIRE that shit, NOW.

Because in this world the saying is-

Mo' money, MO' IMPACT, you beautiful soul-aligned goddess!

So stop diddle dallying around in your unconscious BULLSHIT.

The limited programs, the distortion going on in your field that it's WRONG to have money, that you can't be spiritual and have money, that it's evil, "Oh, there are more important things in life, Chloe"

Yea bitch, and ALL of those important things...

Require you to have MONEY.


The end.

So quit with the sob story and sittin on your high and mighty BROKE horse.


God wants to bless you.

Abundance is your natural state.

YOU'RE the only one blocking the flow.

Because even in this case,

Everything you need is already within you.

That's where your abundance comes from you know.

And I love you.

It's just a little tough love today ;)

xx Chlo 

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“Just decide.”

You’ve probably heard one too many times before.

Even from me.

That the money, the business, the love, the LIFE is all just a choice.

All just a decision.

“Cool. But I don’t understand what that fucking meaaansss,” you cry.

Because sometimes, most of the time, ok ALL of the time, you just need to be given the fucking tools.

Because you can’t get there from the current vibration you are standing in.

But we’re about to change that, gorgeous.

You’ve came to exactly the right place.

At of course the exactly the right time.

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