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Your biggest breakthrough is on the other side of that mental breakdown, girl.

On the other side of that territory you are oh so afraid to enter in to.

On the other side of that FEAR.

Yesterday I had a total, full on mental breakdown.

For seemingly no reason, yet ALL the reasons.

Emotions came up that I had no idea were stuck in me.

I wanted to hide under the covers.

Quit my business.

Quit life.

Hibernate for the rest of the year.

Wasn't loving the program I had just launched and created.

I felt bloated.



Unsure of myself and what direction my life was headed.

And I wanted to eat ALL the candy and little caesars breadsticks while washing it down with Pepsi.

Yea, it was full on.

I was being a little dramatic to say the least.

And no, it wasn't that time of the month.

So what did I do?

I blasted country music while laying on the rooftop lounge of my apartment building late at night, staring up at the stars, and just allowed myself to feel the feels.

I allowed all the emotions and feelings to come up, no matter what they were, no matter how silly, embarrassing, lame, sad, depressing they felt and just let it all out.

From the outside looking in, one might have thought I just had a terrible breakup, was hardcore struggling with life or was just an emotional basket case and "good God, poor her."

But on the inside, it was the best feeling, most healing thing I could have done.

It felt like such a release.

Such a healing.

Such a break free moment.

It was EXACTLY what I needed, EXACTLY when and how I needed it.

and DAMN. Did it feel fucking GOOD.

So. much. clarity. washed over me.

It was like the clarity, the vision I had been searching for this week, what I ACTUALLY wanted to do, was being BLOCKED and clouded out by all the lower vibrational emotions.

It was like I couldn't resume normal, high vibe, Chloe activity until this all was cleared.

And this my friends, is the life of a creative entrepreneur and owning your own business.

On the surface it may always look all sunshine and roses and unicorns, but it is the deepest roller coaster journey of truly learning and discovering yourself on ALL the levels.

So much trust and decisiveness and knowing when to shift, when to throw in the towel on what you THOUGHT you wanted to launch, when to start the fuck all over, when to keep persevering and just get over yourself and show the fuck up.

So what happened?

I trashed my latest program I just launched because I wasn't fully vibin' with it.

And if I'M not full on "omg this is the greatest fucking thing ever!!!" how in the WORLD would my audience ever feel this way and want to, NEED to join?

And I discovered what I DID want to launch and sell, but wasn't fully allowing myself to because I had just done a 5 day intensive on it, am currently running a program sorta kinda similar (but not really at all) and felt like I was being repetitive.

Silly fear mind.

Silly ego.

Thank you, but no thank you.

NOT today Satan.

So here we ARE.

Here we are.

And I also came up with an EPIC way for how I want to create and launch my programs.

Full on Instagram sales page!

Yea, that's right.

So here we go.


Be You. Get $

4 Weeks to Express Yourself.

Impact the World.

+Get Paid to Be You.

You can find out more by going to


The interactive instagram sales page for this program.

I love you.

And don’t forget- everything you need is within you.

xx Chlo