The Secret Life of the American Binge Eater


Let's talk about binge eating, shall we?

Something I feel is all too common.

And not really spoken about.


Maybe guilt.

Maybe shame.

Maybe because others don't truly realize how many others struggle with this.

Who knows.

But I struggled with it hardcore in the past.

And still do to some extent today.

There's nothing bad or wrong about it.

I mean, SURE, it's not ideal.

But let's get down to the core, the root of the problem.

That most of us, don't know how to deal with our emotions.

Or we're living so far out of alignment, not living our true purpose, putting up with shit we KNOW we should have let go of EONS ago, that the only way to cope, is to stuff our face late at night to ease the pain.

To numb the feelings.

Because feeling full on food and high on sugar and stuffed up with all the carbs, feels so much better in the moment than getting honest with ourselves.

Then getting honest with what we've created in our life and where we need to make the changes.

Where we need to stand up for ourselves, face the music, let go, change direction, become a new person.

We've become safe in our comfort zone.

And our brain likes to keep us safe.

So it keeps us trapped in the same song and dance.

Day after day.

Hour after hour.

Moment after moment.

Even though our soul is SCREAMING at us with the instructions on what to do next.

On how to let go.

On how to shift.

We always know deep down what we must do.

But most of the time... yea, we just don't.

It was last week actually.

The feelings began to well up.

The chaos and confusion started to hit.


And all of a sudden I found myself in the McDonalds’ drive thru,

3 hashbrowns, a biscuit, and an M&M McFlurry later.

My higher self just watched and observed as the human me ate it all within like 6 minutes.

Slightly disgusted but more so just aware and being the non-judgmental observer of this age old pattern of mine.

It hasn't happened in a while besides this instant.

In college, it was more frequent because I wasn't any type of conscious back then.

But now, I know when it's about to happen.

I know what triggers it.

I know what I need to do, need to shift to avoid it.

Yet sometimes it's just hard.

Sometimes, we "just don't wanna!!" our little child inside screams.

In this particular situation it had to do with an unaligned man in my life. It was fun, exciting, all the things, but it wasn't soul aligned and was taking my energy and focus up in not the right ways.

I knew from the second time we hung out.

But I allowed it to continue for a few more weeks (as you do.)

Because in the past it's been hard for me to stand up and speak my truth.

So I use to just allow unaligned things to drag on.

Convincing myself "oh but it's fun."

"Oh but you just need to let go and live a little, Chlo!"

Also because I was too afraid, embarrassed/really just didn't know how to tell people NO/bye out of fear of hurting their feelings or who knows what else I feared. Them being angry at me?

Idk. You can't control others feelings and you aren't responsible for them anyhow.

All you can do is live in alignment with YOU.

And everyone benefits.

Because if a situation isn't in alignment with you, then it's not in alignment with the other person either.

And maybe they're not aware enough at the time to realize it

So you have to step up and be the responsible, conscious one.

Lesson after lesson of speaking up for myself.

Setting boundaries unapologetically.

It gets easier and easier every time.

Thank you higher self for always giving me the exact situations I need in my life to grow and expand and shift, exactly when I need them.

Like clock work.

So yea, back to the binge eating.

First, don't beat yourself up gorgeous.

The first step is just becoming aware that you don't like this behavior much and you want to stop.

And know you're not alone.

We're never alone in our shadows.

Then, ask yourself:

Where are you out of alignment?

What do you need to let go of?

Where do you need to expand?

Where has your soul shown you the path, the download, the new you and you are still hiding under the rock scared to show up and truly shine your light?

The veil is thinning and it's harder to run from our Truth nowadays and who we are here to be.

The world needs you to step up, show up and shine your damn light.

Are you ready to answer the call?

Don't forget- everything you need is within you.

xx Chlo

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