Trust, Surrender, Fall


"I have no choice but to trust." I felt.

To truly, deeply, surrender and trust.

That I am exactly where I need to be.

That everything is always always always working out for me.

That I get to be supported.

That I always make the right decisions.

That I am meant to be rich.

Meant to be wealthy.

Meant to have it all.

That I am love and that love is all around me.

That I am abundant.

I am me.

And that is the most perfect, magical thing I could ever be.

It's a constant decision.

A constant tuning in.

A constant letting go.

"Maybe someday soon it won't feel like such a conscious effort.

To surrender and trust.

Maybe soon it will just be so automatic.

It will just be who I am.

I know it IS who I am.

My body and mind are just taking a little longer to catch up."

It's a daily practice.

To let go.

To become the next level you.

To trust that you already ARE the next level you.

Your body and mind sometimes need a constant reminder.

A constant adjustment.

A constant letting go of the old you.

Letting go of the old thoughts and beliefs.

A part of you has to die,

In order to step into all you are meant to be.

A continual death and rebirth.

Such is life.

A cycle of death and birth.

Except this has been happening to me, month by month.

Day by day.

Moment by moment.

Death and stepping into the new.

The ego doesn't like it much.

But the soul knows it's necessary.

There's a sort of exhilaration in it really.

As you fall into the unknown.

As you just decide to let go and trust so fully.

That falling into the fear.

Falling into the dark.

Will actually lead to the light.

Funny how that works.

Life is a huge paradox.

Let go to get the things.

Lean into the fear, come out on the other side.

Let go of everything,

In order to have it all.

And on and on and on it goes.

Where it stops,

Nobody knows.

Except you always know.

You always know.

Your higher self is always guiding you.

So isn't it time you just trust fully?

Isn't it time to realize that you are in control,

But then again you're not.

Surrender control.




Into the rushing river of your desires.

And allow them to just carry you away.

Knowing and trusting that you will be guided and led and supported and protected

And loved and loved and oh so deeply loved.

All the way through.

That the journey is the bliss.

The joy of creation and living and each moment is where the ecstasy lies.

Tap in.

Tune in.

And keep living oh so turned on.

And also don't forget- everything you need is within you.

xx Chlo

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