Creating the Space to Feel the Feels


Creating the space to feel the feels

+ How this opens you up to receiving more abundance + love in all the areas of life

Yesterday on a podcast interview, I was asked if I still have bad days.

Or if I've done so much inner work that I wake up each day and everything is all sunshine and roses.

And here is what I have to say.

You never "get there."

We are always expanding.

Always releasing.

Always stepping into the new.

Old shit comes up.



"Am I good enough?"

"What the fuck are people going to think about me?"

"Should I REALLY say that online? Isn't that a little much?"

"But what if this business all just came crashing down??"

"Hmm, I feel like no one understands this icky feeling I have and how emotional I am. Sometimes it feels lonely."

You just get better at putting the fear aside.

You just get better at consciously allowing the emotions to come up, to process them.

To release them.

You become better at realizing the whole journey is about how you FEEL.

And your point of attraction for manifestation is how you feel.

See, I use to stuff down my emotions.

I felt it was totally inconvenient to feel them.

I would judge myself for feeling angry.





So I would avoid feeling these things whenever they came up.

But the more I did the work, the more I realized how VITAL it was for me to feel these things.

No emotion is bad or wrong.

We are meant to feel all the feels.

We came here to have a human experience

and part of that, is feeling EVERYTHING.

The contrast helps us know what we don't want.

So we can create more of what we DO want.

Not to mention that we are multi-dimensional beings, connected to the collective conscious and have deep wounding passed down from generations that sometimes just needs to be purged out of our field.

So cry when you need to cry.

Release whatever is begging to be released from your body.

Not allowing emotions (energy in motion) to be fully felt and released, just keeps it trapped within you.

And becomes part of your natural vibration.

And then you are manifesting and attracting things into your life from a place of not so good, stagnant energy.

And that will be reflected in your reality.

The past week my heart chakra has been tight.

I've felt it's expanding, blockages being removed.

Ready to burst open into all the unconditional love

After being closed off a bit.

Scared of being vulnerable.

Scared of fully loving life

Out of old wounds of abandonment, rejection and whatever other wounds most of us carry.

Yesterday especially, it felt like all the feels were welling up.

It was an absolutely amazing day.

Filled with so. much. unconditional. love.

I felt so so grateful for all the humans I interacted with.

All the new and old amazing souls I had attracted into my life.

This life I had created.

And am still creating.

It's so much different than it was a year ago.

And I was just BEAMING with so much gratitude, wonder and awe.

And I felt overwhelmed.

I felt my heart opening up to a new level of love I had never felt before.

It felt amazing, overwhelming, scary, sad, like a huge release and explosion all at the same time.

Like the amount of love I was feeling, or my body was trying to feel, was an overload.

It hadn't been able to hold that capacity of love before.

Because I had been bogged down with lower shit.

My heart hadn't been open to feeling such unconditional love as it did yesterday.

And I hit a breaking point.

I sat on my floor, started breathing..

and the dam just burst.

All the tears.

Old grief.

Old sadness.

Old feelings of not good enough for all this love.

Old..who knows what really.

Came to the surface.

I allowed it to just come pouring out of me.

It felt so good.

Yet so wrong.

But mostly good.

Because I knew whatever this was just had to come out to be cleared from my field.

To make room for the new norm and upgraded level of unconditional love that had been making my way into my life.

Or I guess more correctly, the new level of unconditional love that had been within me all along, I had just been blocking myself from feeling it because of old beliefs and limited programming.

See, we must release the lows,

In order to feel new highs.

In order to FEEL more love, joy, bliss, ecstasy

On a level we have never felt it before..

We have to release the lower shit.

Which is why at first, this journey can feel like a shit storm of negative crap coming to the surface.

And for a while you might be like-

"OK REWIND. I did not sign up for this.

How do I opt out? I chose the blue pill now."

But you can't un-see once you've been shown the Truth.

All you can do is embrace the journey and know that everything is always always always woking out for your highest good.

And that yes, things DO get easier.

I promise you this.

That the "better it gets, the better it fucking gets."

All the live long day.

That there comes a moment in time when you FLIP THE MOTHERFUCKING SWITCH.

Or at least for me, this is how it felt.

There was a clear turning point of going from constantly healing my past shit, to feeling clear enough to focus on the actual future creating.

Where you come to a place of peace with your past, who you are and what you've been through and are ready to consciously create your reality.

On your terms.

Heaven on Earth.

Following your purpose.

Following your soul.

Living from the heart.

Feeling the feels.

Feeling safe to receive.

Safe to be you.

All of you.

And knowing that anything that comes up,

Is just a part of the journey.

A part of the beautiful, messy, chaotic, unpredictable human journey.

And that all of it..

Every single moment,

Is absolutely perfect.

And exactly what the doctor (or in this case your higher self) ordered.

I love you.

And don't forget- everything you need is within you.

xx Chlo

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