Creator Not Consumer


If I'm not creating, my world comes crashing down.

I fall back into old patterns.

I start consuming consuming consuming.

I make out of alignment purchases because I feel I need to fill the emptiness with more clothes, the latest jewelry, other people, validation or MUST go get all the tattoos. (Ok the tattoos are a soul-aligned thing, I'm getting a half sleeve but anyways)

When I'm not creating, writing, blogging, making videos, teaching, speaking, motivating, using my creative energy to serve, I feel it.

And I feel it hard.

The anxiety comes back.

The thoughts of "what is even life."

"What's the point?"

"What am I even here to do?"

It all comes creeping back in slowly.

This has happened this past week as I took some time to go inward and see what it was that I wanted to create next.

I notice the lower vibrational feelings creeping in.

We are powerful creators.

We are here to create.

To follow our joy, our bliss, what light us up.

Our creative energy, is our life force.

And if we are not expressing it in the way our soul desires to express it, it results in anxiety, depression, physical dis-ease, anger, frustration, resentment.

All the things.

Which is why most people are slowly dying.

Day by day.

As they continue to stuff and suppress their creativity down further and further until they can't even remember the last time they were in the flow of creative bliss + ecstasy.

Or even sadder, most have never even felt that state of being.

It's a state of being I specifically choose to go into every single day.

A state of flow.

A state of nothingness.

Yet complete knowing.

A state of quantum possibilities.

A void.

Pure consciousness.

This is the place where the real you resides.

Your soul.

Where everything and anything you could ever possibly need is.

Where all answers and questions lie.

Where your abundance lives.

Where your creative joy, bliss and everything you desire is already available for you.

All you have to do is tune out the chaos and noise and make room for it.

Make room for the magic.

For the stillness.

For the creative flow to well.. flow.

It can't flow when you're all up in your head.

Because the flow, the nothingness, yet allness that you are doesn't come from your brain. Doesn't come from your logical left brain.

You can't think your way there.

You can't think your way into flow.

You have to surrender.

You have to let go.

You have to know and trust that you are the art and the artist too.

You have to be comfortable falling head and feet first into the void,

Into the nothingness.

Into the hands of the fear mind.

And knowing and trusting that the fear is an illusion and the real net will appear.

Leap and the net will appear.

Say yes to your soul,

And life will say yes to you.

Where do you just need to let go and trust?

Where do you need to surrender?

Surrender the how.

Surrender the hustle.

Surrender the bustle.

And allow life to flow through you.

When you set your mind aside, when you set your ego aside,

You create space for the magic to flow THROUGH you.

Because you are a channel for the divine.

But the divineness, the MAGIC can't come through,

If you don't expect it.

If you don't DEMAND it.

If you don't create the space for it each and every day.

When are you going to create space for YOUR magic?

When you find the time?

When you're not as swamped?

When the kids go off to college?

When it's the right phase of the fucking moon?

Life is NOW, gorgeous.

It's time to wake up and smell the abundance, flow and creative BLISS.

It's all around you.

All you have to do is tune in to the flowww.

Because don't forget- everything you need is within you.

xx Chlo