Not Following Soul WILL Result In...


Not following your soul and just being the damn person you came here to be out of fear, BS excuses, "what will all the people think," or "I couldn't possibly do that" may or absolutely WILL result in:

>Binge eating or other similar eating disorders

>Suffocating anxiety + depression


>Addictions (including but not limited to: food, people, sex, drugs, alcohol, adderall, drama, pity parties)

>Negative shit continuing to happen to you on repeat

>People popping up into your life that you think are the problem but really they're just there to mirror your own shit back to you

>Victimhood mindset

>Feast + famine cycles with money

>No money

>Never enough money

>All the money issues

>All the issues in general

>Thinking and believing there is just something wrong with you

>Thinking and believing you must have more shit to heal

>Thinking and believing it must be something from a past life holding you back

>Thinking and believing it must be a curse or ancestral trauma from a past life holding you back


>Random fits of anger

>Random fits of crying

>Chronic and overly obsessive personal development buying, including but not litmited to: books, courses, programs, retreats, healing sessions, psychic readings, [insert whatever comes to mind]

>Continuing to search outside yourself for the answers 

>Chronic lying to yourself that everything is all fine and dandy and that you are actually happy with the life you have created.

>And of course I could go on and on.

Don't shoot the messenger.

Especially if more than one of these resonated and triggered something in you.

The question is,

are you ready and willing to DO something about it?

Or are you going to run off, scoffing how that damn Chloe Elizabeth is so triggering, rude, mean, [insert ego shit here]??


It's your life, not mine.

I'm just here to help remind you,

That you might be creating the wrong one.

Out of fear/default programming and conditioning.

But don't worry,

We can change all that.

We can strip back, delete, dissolve the unwanted programs and reveal your TRUE essence.

Your true self.

Who you actually came here to MF be.

Your abundant, deliberator creator, divine, soul self.

In all your glory + power.

“Transcending the matrix” and consciously choosing to shift your identity is about so much MORE than just money.

The money is just a given.

Because money is just a reflection of you living in your true purpose and power.

A reflection of you remembering who you truly are.

On a soul level.

On a multi-dimensional level.

Because you are so much more than who you think you are.

You have so much power, waiting to be unlocked.

Waiting for you to wake up to it, step into it 

and start impacting the world with it.

Once you realize you are the creator.

Nothing can stop you.

Nothing can slow you down.

Nothing can throw you or sway you off path.

You become the FULL TIME creator of your own reality.

You gain power and wisdom from other dimensions.

You gain pieces of your soul back that you had no idea were even missing.

You gain access + wisdom to powers within you that have been turned off, shut down for ages.

This work is not for the faint of heart.

This is for those who are ready to awaken to a power, within them.. that is so much greater than their selves.

And's within you.

Which is why you must be ready.

Why you must be willing.

Why you must know you are here for a purpose, a mission, so much greater than words can even begin to describe.

Your soul knows if you are ready.

Your soul knows if this work is made for you.

Because don't forget- everything you need is already within you.

I'm just here to pull that shit out.

xx Chlo

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