The Work of Your Soul is Never Done


The work of your soul is never done. Just because you've expanded your consciousness and understand something on a mental level, doesn't mean it is integrated. Doesn't mean you are now just automatically vibing at the frequency of all the health, wealth, abundance and joy of the Universe.

OH no, the work has just begun baby.

You just "woke up."

You just began realizing yourself.

You have just awakened to all the shitty patterns, blocks and distortions you have currently been operating under for far too long.

NOW is where the work comes in.

What work you ask?

The work of your SOUL of course.

The shifting, changing and rearranging of your energy and all you came here to be.

You have to DECIDE to do the damn work all the live long day if you desire to change your reality. To TRULY CREATE your reality.

My body didn't just heal itself of all chronic illness on it's own.

I didn't just manifest the bod of my dreams automatically.

My booty hasn't always shaped and grown at lightning speed.

The business and success didn't just pop out of thin air.

I didn't just automatically become abundant AF and heal my f*cked up money beliefs simply because I learned about the Law of Attraction and Quantum Physics.

My passion and purpose and soul aligned work didn't just fall from the sky from a fancy ass scroll telling me what I came here to do.

So many "woke" folk, and I am guilty of this in the past too or else I wouldn't be coming here LIVE to tell you about it, learn about the laws of the universe, they read books, take a few courses, binge on some high vibrational youtube videos, get excited about their new found knowledge and secrets of the world they have just discovered, start journaling and begin a spiritual practice for a few months....

Then fall flat on their ass, down the hole, back to victim mode and WHOA IS ME the second they don't wake up with everything they desire.

"But I've been doing the work!" they proclaim!

I've been reading books and meditating and I totally understand quantum physics now and I mean, we live in an abundant universe. You don't have to "hustle" you just have to be open to receiving. I've sooo been open to receiving but the money just isn't showing up. I don't understand why this isn't working for me. Ughhh."

Much like, excuse my boldness, entitled little biotches.

Moaning and complaining that they must STILL have childhood wounds, inner child healing, past life, hell even FUTURE life healing to do before they are ready to step into their true calling.

Before they are "ready." 

Aka before they are "worthy."

They say "oh, it's a block I have."

"I'm scared."

"I have so much fear, because I mean, like, what if I fail."

And then continue to ride that excuse until who knows when.

Until the universe knocks them on their ass again and their soul comes knocking. 

Asking why the HELL they are still settling for a life of human mediocrity.

Why ARE you still settling for a human life of mediocrity when there is SO. MUCH. MAGIC. and superhuman soul power to be tapped into!?


Don't you know you are a multi-dimensional being?

A Ligthworker.




Vibration Raiser??

With LIFETIMES and GALAXIES of knowledge and support 

Just WAITING for you to call upon it and fully utilize your gifts.

Don't you know operating at SUPERHUMAN levels in ALL areas of life is just NORMAL for those like us!?

That, yes, being automatically coded for quantum upgrades gets be a natural thing/

That having a superhuman, hot af bod 24/7 is natural. 

That having superhuman energy levels because you are tapping into an energy source far beyond the physical is available to you?

Don't you know that supportive, deep, loving, fun, joyful, soul relationships that lift you and inspire you and help you step more fully into your power is the norm?

And that OF COURSE you get to make money by just being you?

That the life you desire is not only available and possible, but a MUST.

That WHEN YOU DO THE WORK OF YOUR SOUL, your mere PRESENCE is vibration raising, healing and activating for everyone and anyone around you?

Don't you know, don't you KNOW that newtonian physics is out.

And quantum physics is in.

That you can bend time and space according to your perception.

You can create more TIME, create more money, create more ANYTHING

Because don't you see, 


"OH you make it sound so easy Chlo."

Well, that's because it is.

And you want to know why it's still so difficult for you?

Because you're not committing to the work.

You haven't decided yet.

Your human self is still busy learning lessons that need to be learned and cleared before you feel ready to fully COMMIT and DECIDE.

Commit and decide to lock in the true mission that you came here for.

SO what are you waiting for?

The time is now.

Every moment you have the opportunity to choose again.

So what are you choosing?

Love or fear?

Your purpose, your soul, your desires or the excuses and lies of the ego.

I know you think you already "woke up" but it's time to WAKE UP again.

Because everything you need is within you.

It's time to start doing the damn work.

xx Chlo