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[A blog on activating abundance and allowing in your next level of income]

I often stay in high-vibe hotels when I am launching courses. I choose to immerse myself in all the boujee vibes because 1. I just have a certain standard of luxury 2. Because I know I deserve it. and 3. I believe in following soul desires.

Last weekend I got a room at a gorgeous hotel literally down the street from my place, simply because hotels raise my vibe. I wanted to up my creativity, inspo and content creation for you all and hotels have always been my place. 

I couldn't always afford to do this.

But I have built and created a life that allows me to.

I remember the first time I ever did this years ago.

It was crazy.

Most would say irresponsible.

I had justtt enough money in my bank account to cover the cost of the hotel.

But I knew booking the hotel was what the next level version of myself would do.

And at this time, I was working on creating and stepping into the Boujee version of Chlo who knows money always shows up for her when she says yes to her soul.

See, in order to step into the next level version of ourselves, sometimes we have to take a chance, say yes, have faith and trust that the universe will show up for us when we say yes and show up for our purpose work and soul desires.

Your desires lead you to your purpose.

Following your desires and what is inside of you, allows others to expand and do the same.

Saying yes and staying in this hotel (back in the day when I couldn't afford to) meant I was saying yes and ready to expand into the next level version in my life and business.

It was a declaration to the Universe that I was ready.

And that decision lead to the biggest launch I had had in my business yet.

All because I elevated my vibe. Elevated my mindset. Elevated my environment to match the frequency of the Chlo who earned 5 figures per month in her business from doing her soul-aligned work in the world.

Where are you blocking your abundance by saying no to soul desires??

I'm not saying you must spend an ungodly amount of money on something you can't afford in order to raise your vibe. 

I am talking about immersing yourself in the essence and vibration of whatever the next level of luxury is for you.

For me back then, it was stretching my money on a boujee hotel stay to help me create + prepare for a launch in my business.

It was knowing and trusting that when I created more places for the money to go, it would show up.

Activating your next level of income involves stepping into and FEEELING this version of yourself, way before the money shows up. 

And once you get to that place internally, it can't help but manifest into your physical reality.

Abundance is always available.

It's just are you willing to shift your perception to see it.

To let it in. 

To see that yes, YOU create it.

From within.

From what's inside you.

Because don't forget- 

Everything you need, is already within you.

xx Chlo

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