Your Issues Aren't Just Physical: Your Emotional + Energetic Blockages



In any and ALL areas of life.

Especially fitness + your body goals but not just fitness.


In business.

In relationships.

Across the board.

Fitness is just what triggered this oh so inspired and aligned blog for you.

This will trigger some. Polarize the SHIT out of most. And get you kicking your own ass around wtf you're actually doing with your life.

#yourewelcome. I am here to serve.

My body changes fast. Like muscle growth, definition in a matter of WEEKS. Like INSTANT healing the second I start to feel a sign of a physical symptom coming on.


And the results in my business, with money, and all other areas of life are no different.

It didn't always use to be this way though.

I spent YEARS seeing minimal to no results. Going around in the same circles. The same blocks. The same shitty lack + scarcity patterns.

Hoping and believing that SOMEDAY I'll "get there."

SOMEDAY this hard work will "pay off."

When in reality, you are energetically stuck and will CONTINUE to stay energetically stuck until you learn to DEAL with your energetic and emotional MUCK.

Until you deal with the DEEPER causes as to why you aren't ALLOWING yourself to

>>lose the weight

>>heal your body

>>earn more

>>call in the perfect partner

>>step into higher versions of you.

Why you aren't ALLOWING things to be easy. Why you aren't energetically available for what you want.

You will continue to operate from your standard of "normal."

Some of the things possibly holding you back could be but aren't limited to:

1. Childhood wounds

2. Soul lessons/karma needing to be integrated/cleared

3. Not loving yourself fully

4. Seeing yourself separate from God/Source/the universe

5. Trying to FORCE and make things happen on your own instead of surrendering it over to a higher power

6. Doing things for approval from others

7. Needing to be validated

8. Limiting beliefs

And on and on the list could go.

Because time is a human construct, an illusion, healing gets to be instant.


By emotionally, mentally and energetically becoming the healed version of you.

The Badass, Boujee and Abundant version of you.

By embodying the VIBRATION of the higher version of you.

Only DOING things in the physical sense doesn't get you to a higher vibration.

This is what Jesus meant when he said you can't earn your way into the kingdom of heaven with good deeds.

It's not what you DO.

It's who you ARE.

Who you choose to BE.

Where you are VIBRATING AT.

You get there energetically FIRST.

Knowing whatever you desire is DONE in the quantum realm.

And you take the inspired action to bring it into the physical.

This is quantum manifestation.

This is how this realm ACTUALLY works.

And if you can't tell, I'm a little frazzled and dazzled that this isn't taught somewhere.

But no worries.

Here we are now.

Right on time.

You woke up exactly on time, exactly as planned, when you were meant to.

And now it's time to get schooled on your SOUL.

Most of us were taught the wrong rules of life.

I am here to show you how to hack your reality.

That science + spirituality are one in the same.

That you came here to live the most delicious, soul fulfilling, abundant, orgasmic life possible.

And that everything you need,

You guessed it-

Is already within you.

xx Chlo

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You don’t want to miss this shit.

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