Dissolving the Old + Allowing the New: New Moon + Eclipse Transmission


New Moon + Eclipse Transmission. Letting go of the old and stepping into the new.

There has been some powerful cosmic energy going on recently that you probably have been feeling.

If you have been feeling all types of feels and have had situations from the past come up that you thought you had already dealt with, know this is normal.

Know that this is another layer of purging that is happening.

Create space to feel whatever is coming up for you.

Be the nonjudgemental observer and witness of your fear and lower vibrational energies.

By doing this, you allow them to pass through you and purge out of your field.

Know you are not alone and don’t judge yourself. However you are feeling and whatever is coming up for you is just perfect :)

As I sat down to right my blog today, this is what came through:

Some day you're going to have to sit back and ask yourself..

Do I truly believe I create my own reality?

Do I truly believe I am divinely supported always?

Because if you did.. if you truly, honestly, 1,000% did..

Trust me, you would be showing up in your life a wholeee lot differently.

You wouldn't be so caught up in your fear that you can't even breathe.

You wouldn't be struggling and pushing and forcing things to happen.

You wouldn't be confused and sad and down and unsure.

You would be OWNING your gifts, your power, what you came here to do.

You would be UNAPOLOGETICALLY being you.

In all your powerful Goddess glory.

You would be speaking your Truth.

Letting go without a blink of an eye or a bat of your luscious lashes what no longer served you.

You'd be tuning in daily.

Daily surrender.

For guidance.

For downloads.

For all the answers.

Because you would know.

OH how you would know.

That everything you need is within you.

Of course you would have stopped searching externally for answers and validation, what seems like LIFETIMES ago.

You would know there are no rules, so you would make up your own.

The Universe would bend and sway to your every desire and need.


Simply because you expected it to.

And so it is.

YOU are creating your reality.

By your thoughts, beliefs and emotions.

Emotions = energy in motion.

You attract things into your life based on how you are FEELING.

Based on the frequency at which you are vibrating at.

Feel good, attract situations that mimic that feeling.

Feel shitty and frustrated and angry at the world, attract situations that mimic that feeling.

And then fall down the rabbit hole of victimhood and blaming the world for the shittiness when in all actuality... (is that a phrase/word)

it was YOU the whole time that had been creating this thing.

And it's YOU and only you honey who can change it.

You are a powerful creator at your core.

It's time to wake up sugar cup!

It's time to let go of the old, dense, dark stories keeping you trapped in lower vibrational trauma.

It's time to create from a place of love, joy, bliss, positive expectation, Goddess energy.

It's time to OWN who you are.

Who you came here to be.

It's time to step into your power.




Transport to a different timeline.

The one where you and your higher self merge into one.

Where you BECOME your soul.

Because there is no separation.

Separation is an illusion.

It's time to start seeing yourself as nature.

As one.

As abundant.

As NEEDED on this planet at this exact moment in time.

Or else you wouldn't be here.

Mother Nature makes no mistakes.

It's time to accept that and own who you are.

Because remember-

Everything you need is within you.

I love you.

You are more powerful than you could ever know.

xx Chlo