Why I Took Two Months Off of My Business: [Soul Flow, Filtering the Message, Money Vibes and Giving Yourself Permission to FULLY Be You.]


Why I Took 2 Months Off My Business.

[Soul flow, filtering the message, money vibes and giving yourself permission to FULLY be you.]

To make a what could be really long drawn out story a little shorter, I wasn't following soul. 

I was filtering the message.

I was creating programs from a place of "Ooo, THIS will make money!!" Not from a place of "This is what I can't NOT. This is what I MUST create, simply because it's what is BURNING inside of me to be unleashed."

And if you are an intuitive, soul-led entrepreneur much like the majority of this badass community, you will know and probably understand, even if just a little, that when you filter the message, when you distort the creations with the idea of money, rather than being a clear channel to letting what needs to come through through, you fuck up the whole vibe.

It doesn't work.

Or it works but you get tired. Burnt out. Resentful.

You aren't fulfilled.

You lose the flow.

The creative juices.

You build a life and business hiding behind masks because you aren't being the REAL you.

You build a life and business based on what you think will make others happy.

Not what your soul is telling you to do.

And I couldn't shake it.

No matter how much I meditated, let go, journaled, stepped back, did all the shit I know to do to reset, I just felt the distortion, mismatch and craziness going on within me.

So I did the only thing I felt I could do at the time.

Take a total, complete, mental, emotional, energetic break from my business.

Now some may see this as extreme. 

Unnecessary, even.

And to be honest, now that I have taken that break, if I ever start to feel this way again in the future, I will be able to take a day or two or maybe even only a few hours to energetically shift. I won't need so long to "find myself" and "get back on path" again.

But at that moment.

It was totally necessary.

I felt as if I had gone so far off path, that the only option was to say "fuck it!" and take a step back.

Although now I know and realize that you can never go too far off path. And when you think you have, it's really only a minuscule adjustment that needs to be made. A little energy shift. 

Anyways. Back to filtering the message and money vibes.

See, money is a reflection of you living your purpose.

Of you doing what you came here to do, expressing your soul, your art, your message.

Fully raw.

Fully you.

Fully unfiltered.

Fully unapologetic.

I have never been one to stick with ANYTHING that makes money from an unsoul-aligned place.

I believe my soul just doesn't allow me to make large amounts of money from anything that isn't coming from soul alignment.

Because it knew if I did, I would easily be the kind of person that would ride off into the sunset with all my money from my unaligned career path and never turn to my true soul work again.

It knew I would easily get distracted from my purpose by shiny trinkets and toys.

So to keep me from straying too far off the path of my true mission... I get bored, resentful, pissy or SOMEthing happens if I'm not in alignment with my purpose.

Hence me not being in outside sales, neurophysiology or doing any of the other unsoul-aligned things I thought were meant to be my career path.


Not happening soul says.

You are abundant.

We live in an abundant universe.

Every organism in the universe is taken care of and all its needs and desires are met...

WHEN, and only when, it is living out its purpose.

Just look at nature.

If not it dies.

Or is slowly dying.

And I believe most of the world begins slowly dying the minute they choose a life that is against their soul and their true desires.

You are either living or dying.

There is no in between.
You are either living a HELL YES, soul aligned life, or slowly dying and drying up inside with every out of alignment choice you make.

If you are struggling..


with ANY area of life,

Where are you out of alignment?

Where are you not following soul?

Where are you filtering your message so to speak?

Where are you doing what OTHERS want you to do?

Where are you people pleasing, not setting boundaries for yourself, holding on to an old version of yourself, not letting go of people that need to be let go of?

Where are you NOT FULLY BEING YOU??

Where are you not giving yourself PERMISSION to be fully you?

Because oh yea, another reason I was filtering the message and creating programs + offers from an unaligned place was because deep down there was still a feeling that what I truly DID want to create was too "woo woo," weird, not what people wanted/needed, aka I was judging myself HARDCORE and not just allowing what wanted to flow through me to flow through me.

Because when I DO let the "too woo woo," esoteric, "too much," weird, quantumy shit out of me, it's always the shit people relate to the most and can't get enough of.

That's usually the way it works.

People NEED you showing up fully as you.

Not the filtered version that you believe people will like better.

Not the version that's doing what every other dick and jane are doing so you just blend in.

But YOU.


Because you are enough.

You always have been.

Your soul, higher self, intuitive GODDESS within has just been waiting for your human self to wake up and realize it.

Wherever you are right now in your life is EXACTLY where you are suppose to be.

The message you have to share now, is EXACTLY the message that your soulmate people need to hear now.

Trust and know and have faith that you will evolve and up-level and shift, exactly when you are ready to.

Exactly when you are meant to.

And for now, tune in and unleash whatever it is that is BURSTING at the seems to be unleashed.



and unapologetically you.

That’s when the magic happens.

Because don’t forget-

Everything you need is still within you.

xx Chlo

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