Money Mindset Smackdown


Money matches your mindset. You've heard this before. 

Because it is so effing true.

You create your reality through your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. Your thoughts and beliefs are POWERFUL. 

They manifest into the physical.

They shape your reality.

They CREATE the life you are currently experiencing today.

And if you are anything like me,

then you are OBSESSED with activating and awakening the best, abundant, boujee, soul-led life you are here to live.


So here are my top tips for healing your relationship with money, raising your energetic minimum for how much money you receive and stepping in to the badass, abundant, boujee goddess you deep down really truly are.

1. Look at your money story.

How do you talk about money and your money situation?

Do you find yourself saying "There is never enough?"

"I can't afford that?"

or do you even go around constantly saying "I'm broke?"

THIS is the story you are keeping yourself trapped in.

THIS is the story that you are currently living out.

It continues to be the case, because it continues to be the story that comes out of your mouth.

Self-fulfilling prophecy.

So how do we shift it?

Tell a new damn story.

One of what you would like to see play out in your reality.

One you can energetically get behind and believe.

One that tells a new story about where you are HEADED. 

Not a story about what you have manifested in the past.

Because your current reality is a past manifestation.

And continuing to stay focused on the past, continues to create more of the past.

Ya catch my drift??

2. What was your money situation like growing up? What were your parents vibes around money? And how have you unconsciously adopted their not so helpful habits?

From the age of 0 to about 8 years old our subconscious mind is a sponge. Picking up on EVERYTHING around us. Feelings, words, vibes, patterns, what to believe about the world, how to act, etc. So your money patterns that are currently running in your field today, are more than likely adopted from your parents. (Unless of course you have been committed to daily deep energetic money work to clear this.)

There is nothing bad or wrong about this.

There is no need to blame our parents.

They did the best they could with what they knew.

It is what it is, right?

All we can do is look at our patterns and choose to consciously opt out. To shift them.

Put our hand up and say thank you but NO thank you, I choose a different story.

My favorite way of shifting things like this is saying "Cool, now that I know how I DON'T want to act, feel, believe about money, what DO I want?" And I consciously choose to shift my focus to what I DO want to create. This is powerful.

3. Begin to see money as an energetic exchange.

Money is energy.

Start to see it as such.

Start to see it as a symbol of appreciation.

When you get your coffee in the morning, see that $3.95 as an energy exchange for the warm, cozy coffee and high vibe experience you are creating.

Thank your higher self for creating this experience for you.

Thank money for being there to support you in having this experience.

Same vibes when you pay the bills.

This one is huge and a game changer.

What is your energy like when you pay bills?

Are you contracted? Pissed? Do you feel like you are wasting money or that it is being taken away from you? Like your bills are something you 'HAVE' to pay that you are not happy with?

Or do you pay your bills in a state of gratitude?

Feeling thankful that you 'GET' to pay your bills.

Feeling grateful for your home.

Your electricity.

Your cell phone that connects you to the whole world via social media (what a time to be alive, right?)

Feel into the feeeling of LOVING to pay your bills.

KNOW that more money is always available and will always flow to you.

DECIDE that every dollar you spend comes back to you 3 fold. (Hello core belief!)

When you spend from a high vibe place, it raises your vibe around money and opens you up to receiving even more! 

Because after all, money is an energy exchange. 

A cycle of giving and receiving.

You can't cut off the flow of the giving and expect to receive from a place of flow.

4. Raise your expectations.

Want more? EXPECT more.

Raise your expectations for how much money you desire, require and get to receive.

You get what you expect in life.

Stop expecting sh*t to go wrong.

That your money will run out and whatever other sad sob story you keep projecting onto your money.

Command and demand your higher self to raise your energetic minimum.

AKA how much money you EXPECT and just default to.

The amount that you couldn’t IMAGINE making less than.

Choose your new amount.

Tap into the feelings of this already being done.

DECIDE it is already done.

Take action from this place daily.

and just EXPECT the money to show up.

Your reality changes when what you desire is an expectation, totally normal and “duh, of course I make this much every month.”

5. Create a daily money practice.

Yea, that's right.

Just like fitness, if you want your body situation to change, you gotta create a practice around it, right?

If you want your money situation to change, you gotta commit to a practice. 

Journal, meditate, listen to audiobooks, read, immerse yourself in all the high vibe money vibes.

Whatever it takes.

Work DAILY to consciously shift your beliefs and feelings around money. Become best friends with money. Stop seeing it as the enemy that comes and goes when it pleases without any say by you.

6. Dive deeper into the inner work.

Find someone to guide and mentor you in unf*cking your energy around money.

When I want to change something in my life, I invest drastically in myself.

In courses, programs, mentors, books, all the things because I know if I want to change something FASTT, the best way is by getting help from someone who has been there.

Your current money situation can change.

You are not trapped or a victim to money.

You are abundant AF.

Start acting as such.

And remember-

Everything you need is within you.

xx Chlo

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