Finding Your Purpose: Plot Twist


Finding your purpose.

"What is my purpose?

What is my purpose?

I can't seem to figure out my purpose?"




Filling your time, space and whole reality with endless searching for said mystical, magical, elusive purpose.

I have some beliefs around this.

(I have some beliefs around a lot of things if you haven't noticed.)

You ARE the damn purpose.

YOU are your purpose.

You are the purpose.

You ARE the point.


Yes YOU are the mystical, magical answer you have been looking for.

Your mere presence uplifts people to their highest.

You being the youiest you, speaking your truth, living your life, doing the damn thing, in and of itself raises the vibration of the planet.

Raises the vibration of all who encounter you.

YOU are the King/Queen God/Goddess of your Universe.

Why do you think my clients instantly UP-LEVEL by the mere act of paying me!?

Because once they do, they receive access to my energy in a whole new way.

It's like a whole new world of mystical, magical, abundant, boujee Goddess goodness.

Don't you see.

The thing you have been searching for so tirelessly...

Was within you all along.

Why do you think I end every talk, livestream, email and blog with "Everything you need is already within you!?"


Well.. because it IS.

And that is the whole motherf*cking point.

YOU are that which you seek.

You already ARE that which you desire to become.

The only thing blocking you is your refusal to believe it.

I use to scroll endlessly online looking for an answer.

A mentor to save me.

Some mystical, magical, formula that I didn't yet know.

Ok, to be honest I was waiting for God him/herSELF to hand deliver me a golden scroll engraved with the words 

"Chloe Elizabeth's purpose in this lifetime"

With a very detailed and important task that I must carry out during this lifetime that only I, yes ME, and ONLY me could carry out.

Because I mean... how else would it work, right!?


And I think somewhere, deep down, most of us are subconsciously waiting for some sign, some knowing, something OUTSIDE of us to appoint us, to give us permission, to TELL US WHAT TO F*CKING DO IN THIS LIFETIME FOR PETE'S SAKE BECAUSE I JUST NEED TO KNOW WTF MY PURPOSE IS DAMNIT!?

Sound familiar.

OH silly human.

Lovely, yet silly human.

Don't you see.

Your purpose this whole damn time,

is and always was to just be you.

To stand firmly in your power.

Unleashing your message and beautiful gifts onto the world for all to see.

Unleashing your light, your soul for all to bask in its brilliance.

Your mere presence is uplifting.




And that's the secret you see.


It always has been.

And it forever will be.

As you claim your power back, your light shines more brightly.

And people begin to take notice.

As you shed all the masks and programs and conditioning piled on you from your upbringing, the REAL you, the SOUL you, the TRUE you is revealed.

I see this you now.

And it is fucking magical.

Are you ready to step into it?

Or are you still too busy searching for your purpose?

Don't forget-

(Hopefully by now you know)

That everything you need.. is within you.

xx Chlo

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