The Mystical Magical Matrix


Somewhere deep within the human you,

Lies the mystical, magical, next-level truth.

Truth that starts with a capital T.

Truth that transcends physical you and me.

It's time to awaken.

It's time to transcend.

It's time to make your ego,

Your nearest and dearest friend.

I don't know what rambles and rumbles I'm going on about here.

There I go again ,

Judging the magic, oh poor dear.

The key you see, is to step aside.

Let the message through

Just ride the ride.

You are a channel for the divine.

Put your ego aside and transcend time.

For it is an illusion,

Don't you see.

I am a projection of you

and you of me.

Everything exists in the quantum soup.

You are already whole.

How's that for a loop?

Tap into the vision,

The next-level you.

Let go of the false,

Surrender to truth.

Transcend the matrix.

I think it is time.

To claim what has always been rightfully mine.

See you are a God,

A Goddess, an angel.

It's time to let go of the old 3D fable.

It's time to step into.

It's time to proclaim.

That you are GREAT.

So stop acting so lame.

This new 5D living is available now.

All you must do is ascend, don't ask how.

For the how is not up to you.

It never has been.

So let go.


And lift up that chin.

The universe is guiding you.

If you so choose to believe.

Tap into the guidance.

and start to perceive.

There is magic around you.

It always has been.

Drop out of your mind.

At first you may cringe.

You may cringe at stepping into

the darkness, the unknown.

But soon you will see,

that you are indeed home.

For merging with your soul.

Your higher self.

The infinite being

Was easy, inevitable,

All it took was a feeling.

A feeling within you to stir so deep.

One that left you on the edge of your seat.


One that guided you to this crazy world of mine.

Our souls organized this meeting.

It was all in due time.


   Welcome home lightworker.


   You angel.

It's time to wake up.

Transcend the matrix.

Yes, you are able.

xx Chlo

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