Quit Trying to Hold the Whole Damn World Up


What if you didn't have to hold the whole damn world up?

Oh sweet angel.

Sweet, sweet, well meaning, beautiful soul.

When did you get the idea that it was all up to you?

That if you even DARE close one eye, rest, relax, surrender, 

that the whole entire world would come crashing down?

When did you get the idea that the answer was in control?

Was in forcing and exerting and FIGHTING back?

That the answer was in pushing down the REAL you and putting up this false mask?

Pretending to be someone you aren't?

Pretending to be someone OTHER than your mystical, magical self?

Because don't you know?

You have the power that creates WORLDS within that sweet sweet heart of yours.

Quit trying to hide your magic.

Relax, surrender, release all control.




Back to a time and place when you felt fully okay to be you.

To see the magic and beauty that lies within all and within the world.

Back to a time when you weren't afraid to interact, acknowledge and play with said beauty.

For fear of being rejected, abandoned, humiliated.

Fall back to a time when you trusted.


Maybe you never have?

When did you give up faith dear soul?

In not only yourself but the power that created you?

Because, yea,

You don't need to hold the whole thing up yourself.

The idea that it will all crumble when you let go is just your scared and bruised ego.

But sweet soul.

I'm telling you now...

The safety, 

the security,

the freedom,

the joy,

the BLISS,

the ecstasy  

and peace you so search for and crave,

Comes from an inner knowing.

And inner knowing that it is not only safe

but REQUIRED to let go and fall.

To rip off and throw away all masks.

To allow the world to embrace the REAL you and all your glory.

It is time.

The world needs your magic.

Because THAT is when you are operating at your highest.

And when you are operating at your highest,

is when you heal the world.

With not just your work but your mere presence.

It is ok to be fully seen.

To be fully you.

To be fully raw.


And if you don't feel this way in the world you have created,

Take comfort in knowing you are allowed to relax into the full expression of yourself in this sacred container we are creating here together.

As you read each word allow the light from the transmission to permeate your being.

To sink, deep down into your soul and know that you are safe.

You are seen.

You are loved.

You ARE love.

You are this thing you have been searching for.

And you need not live from a place of fear and mistrust and stress.

Let go and know that whatever you desire,

it is already yours.

That you desire it for a reason dear one.

And that your only way of aligning with it,

is by becoming fully you.

Trust in the divine masculine to hold it all together.

Trust in source.


Your guides.

Your higher self.

Trust that you will always be guided to exactly the right words at exactly the right moment.




Have faith dear one.

May you reading this and our souls colliding in this other dimension be confirmation that you are on the right path.

You always have been.

And now it is time to relax into this inner knowing.

And know that all it well.

I love you.

And remember-

Everything you need is within you.

xx Chlo

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