The Path of the Modern Mystic


I am obsessed with personal development, inner growth, quantum physics, understanding how the universe works, expanding my consciousness, bridging the gap between science and spirituality (because they are actually one in the same.)

My constant questioning, quest for more, KNOWING that there is more, quest for magic and a couple dark nights of the soul, have led me to well... magic.

That it is real.

And that there is so. much. more. beyond the realm of the human senses.

That there is indeed a world, WORLDS, beyond our wildest dreams, that we are able to tap into.

I have healed my body of all chronic illness.

I no longer get sick because there is no longer a need to. You transcend all sickness when you learn to decode the messages your body + soul are sending you through physical symptoms.

The second my body feels off or I have some sort of physical symptom, I stop, tap in, and ask my body what it is attempting to tell me. I ask what it needs. What beliefs and thoughts it is holding on to that are rooted in fear instead of love. I release any toxic emotions I am holding on to and then get back on my merry way of skipping and hopping down my road of magic and wonder.



No. Normal human functioning we are ALL capable of that we have oh so sadly been cut off from.

It's not rocket science.

It's simply tapping in to the powers you have as an emotional, spiritual and energetic being.

You're not just a physical body you know.

You are a multidimensional being.

You knew this as a child.

But the conditioning of society just made you forget.

Led you to forget your magic and your multidimensionality.

See, in my world, miracles are natural.

I expect them.

So miracles are what I get.

The mystic path is not for the faint of heart.

But it is for those that deep down know there is more.

It is for those that have felt they never quite fit in.

Who have always felt like they've known some secret that others aren't aware of.

Even if they aren't quite aware of what the secret is themselves.

It's for those who feel they are from other worlds.

Other planets.

Other planes of existence.

Here to raise the vibration of the planet

And bring magic back to a world that has been slowly drifting away from it.

It is for those who know they are here to shift the world, awaken and shaken the people with their mere presence.

It is for the lightworkers.




Alien, God/Goddess, Unicorns of the world.

It is for those ready to leave the old 3D way of living and step into the 5D.

Those ready to step into the quantum soup of all possibility.

The quantum soup of living from your soul.

It is for those ready to transcend the matrix.

Because remember-

Everything you need is within you.

xx Chlo