Your Life of Mediocrity


Why do you continue settling for a life of mediocrity??

Why do you continue settling for a life of mediocrity when you damn well KNOW that there is MORE.

When each day you go to bed, head hitting the pillow, feeling a little empty inside.

Feeling a little defeated.

Feeling a little saddened.

Wilted at the fact that you didn't fully tap into all that is possible.

That you continued to put your dreams on the back burner?

That you continued to give in to the mediocrity of the matrix?

And each day ticks on by.

As you continue to wonder.

You continue to wish.

You continue to ponder and deep down desire..

"What if..."

What if.

What if.

You ask yourself as you drift off to sleep and finally allow yourself to dream all the dreams you don't allow yourself to dream when you're awake.

What are you afraid of?


Wanna know a secret?

You can't FAIL at what you are destined for my beautiful soul baby unicorn goddess.

You can't keep away what is meant for you.

What you came to this planet during this exact moment in time to do.

It is inevitable.

It is inevitable that you eventually WAKE UP from your hypnotic slumber and give in to your desires.

It is inevitable you surrender and say YES to your purpose.

To your MORE.

To your calling.

To being of service to the people you are here to serve.

And most excitedly.

To saying YES to your soul and the magic that is within you.

So why do you continue to push it away??

"Ohh, I don't REALLYY want to travel." you say.

"I don't REALLYYY need all that fancy stuff."

"All the money."

"All the purpose."

"All those clients."

"All that soul-fulfillment."

"It must not REALLYY be for me."

"I need to be content for what I already have."

"I just want to feel safe and secure."



LIES I say.

Deep down your soul is screaming at you to listen.

Why do you think life has felt so hard.

So yuck at times.

So totally NOT. in flow.

It was all designed and set up this way you see.

When you aren't living in your magic...

When you aren't fully surrendering to your purpose and the life you are here to live..

It will ALWAYS feel hard.

It will always feel like you are continuing to have to hold the whole damn world up yourself.

It will continue to feel like you must struggle and push and exert effort in all the ways.

It is set up like this so that you don't settle.

So you will continue to keep searching for more.

So you will continue to keep searching for the magic within you.

Don't you know, don't you know??

It is only when you say YES to your magic, say YES to what is inside of you,

UNLEASH it, lock it into place and truly start LIVING from it, 

That life will begin to make sense.

Life will begin to feel easy.

Life will begin to flowwwwww.

Feel fun.

Lit up.


Only and yes ONLY when you are operating from your magic.

How do you tap in, tune in, say yes to your soul and start operating from said magic you may ask?

What have you been putting of doing that you know you are meant to do?

That you are destined for?

What are those big scary dreams that you aren't allowing yourself to dream into reality?

Where are you dropping the ball and repeating the same lame routine every damn day, getting the same lame mf results?

Where where WHERE...

Do you need to dream a little bigger, manifest a little crazier,

invest a little MORE in your life, your energy, what lights you up?

Where do you need to say NO to mediocrity and YES to a lit up and EXPANDED life?

Where darling?

Trust me, you know.

You SO know.

You just like to pretend you don't.

So you can continue to put the blame on things outside of you.

So you can continue to put the blame on anything other than yourself for why life is so hard, not fair, and it is not possible to truly live your dream life.

Life is only reflecting back to it what you believe.

Whether you think you can or your think you can't- you're right.

Not just a quote by Henry Ford but Universal LAW.

So when are you going to stop giving in to the mud and muck and sadness and MEDIOCRITY of the matrix?

When are you going to say YES?

When are you going to forgive, let go and RELEASE and the past hurts and resentments?

When are you going to FREE yourself from the prison of your own mind and realize you were free all along?

That you were who you envision yourself to be all along.

It's quite easy, love.

You need not become anyone other than yourself.

Are you ready??

Because remember-

Everything you need is within you.

It's time to unleash it.

xx Chlo


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