The Ghosts of Your Subconscious


The ghosts of your subconscious will forever haunt you till you decide to shine the light on them.

What does this even mean??

I naturally speak in metaphors, parables, symbols and signs so let me explain.

Your "demons," negative patterns, lower vibrational frequencies within your field, things that play out in your physical world that you aren't so wild and crazy about, your co-dependency, your lack, your scarcity, "not enough" vibes, not trusting the universe, attracting toxic/narcissistic people in your life, all of it will continue to play out in your world until you toughen up and decide to face it.

Until you step out of victim mode and own the shit out of em.

Until you decide to put your big girl/boy panties on and decide that they are YOUR responsibility.

Until you stop blaming your parents, your partner, the environment you grew up in etc. and decide that your shit, is well, your shit. And because it's YOUR shit, only you can transmute it.

Only YOU can awaken from your slumber.

I blamed my negative patterns, childhood wounds, fears and such on my childhood and parents for so long.

Until I heard myself one day say.. "I do this and fear this and don't know how to express myself this way because my mom and dad.. blah blah blah" and in that moment I just froze.

That was the story I kept telling.

I thought I was over it.

I thought I had forgiven.

I thought I had moved on.

But the sheer fact that I kept saying.. "I am this way because of my childhood.. I react this way because this was how my parents were..." I was still putting the blame on them.

I was still blaming them for my ish.

I believe as a soul we choose our parents.

We choose the environment, family and perfect set up that matches our frequency before we incarnate into this physical experience.

We choose the exact environment we need in order to learn the lessons we are here to transmute.

We choose the people we know will be our biggest triggers. So that they will trigger the shit out of us and therefore shine the light on the patterns we are here to transcend.

We choose the environment that best matches our inner shit.

My mother is my biggest trigger.

Our relationship forces me to grow. Forces me to own my shit. Forces me to get out of victim mode, step into my power and operate from my highest.

As a soul I knew that would be the best environment for me to grow in this lifetime.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to look deep at how this may apply to your life.

If not and you just think I'm bat shit crazy, that's fine, I still love you lol. Thanks for reading this far.

Your shit, is well... your shit.

No matter how much it may seem like someone else instilled this pattern or is doing something TO you... On a soul level you know... You know that they are simply acting as a divine mirror.

A divine mirror to the deepest part of your soul.

To your shadow self.

And how do you transmute it?

By shinning the light.

By taking back your power.

Owning that this pattern is indeed yours.

Knowing that it is not YOU.

Because who you are as a soul is totally whole and perfect.

It is simply a pattern that you chose to take on and carry and transmute for the collective.

It's time to own your shit.

It's time to shine the light on the ghosts that haunt your subconscious and step into your power as a sovereign being.

I love you.

And remember-

Everything you need is already within you.

xx Chlo

Chloe ElizabethComment