Accessing Other Realms


Accessing other realms.

Other realms?

Why yes.

If you're a magical unicorn alien goddess deep down in your soul then you've come to the right place.

Now before you get all hoity toity and think I'm making sh*t up well....

If you think I'm making shit up then this isn't the blog post for you.

Because my real soul people know that accessing other realms is normal, natural and just well... DUH, of course.

I mean, why would you NOT want to access other realms!?

Glad we cleared that out of the way.

Moving on now.

Other realms, other dimensions, are always available to you.

But the trick is, the MAGIC is, you must be present.

In this moment.

Fully in the now.

No where else but HERE.

You also must let go.

Let go of any and all expectations.

You must surrender fully to the unknown.

Get lost in the abyss and bliss of it all.

You must expand your consciousness beyond the limitations of the 5 senses.

Because let's get real here.

The magic lies beyond our 5 senses.

Only a portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is visible to the human eye.

Imagine the worlds and energetic frequencies dancing and dashing all around us that we can't even see.

It's quite fascinating really when you think about it.

And of course all scientifically proven.

But of course you probably don't need science to prove this stuff now do you.

Because you just know.

You just KNOW, deep down within you that help from higher realms is always available.

That angels and guides and spirits of the highest Truth and compassion are just frolicking around, excitedly waiting for you to call upon them and ask for their assistance.

(I was going to say anxiously waiting and then realized that anxiety is not a vibration that exists in the higher realms so I scratched that.)

Accessing higher realms is actually quite simple.

It's a matter of intention.

Of expecting miracles.

Of opening yourself up to receiving divine guidance and direction.

Of dropping into flow.

Getting lost in creative bliss and ecstasy.

Of commanding and demanding your higher self to activate frequencies of the highest light available to you now.

Of meditating and focusing on your third eye.

You can even reach other realms through sex and orgasm if you're in a sacred, safe container to do so.

It's a matter of dropping out of your head and into your heart space.

Your heart is the portal for 5D living.

For transcending the matrix and all the limitations of the 3D.

For accessing the quantum and all versions of you that are available.

Because in the quantum, all versions of you exist.

And time does not.

Accessing other realms means collapsing time.

Traveling through time and space and bringing the chosen version of you into the now.

It's quantum physics.

It's the life and work of a modern mystic.

It's awakening and shakening the God/Goddess within you.

And knowing that this..

This is the REAL you.

It's accessing your soul blueprint and merging with your higher self.

Accessing other realms....

It's not some fairy tail or made up mush.

It's aligning your chakras and an energetic gush.

It's tapping in to your infinite power.

It's collapsing time, hour by hour.

It's 5D living, 

Where love is the goal.

You ARE this love.

Every freckle, every mole.

You are infinite.

A cosmic being.

And accessing other realms.

It starts with a feeling.

I love you.

And don't forget- 

Everything you need is within you.

xx Chlo

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