Ask and it is Given


As I sit in my cozy Starbucks corner, typing away,

Drinking my almond milk cappuccino that I have every morning,

Imagining how amazing the massage I have scheduled for later today is going to be,

I am just sitting here with so much love and gratitude.

Because when I sit back and look around.. I created this life.

Yea, from the bottom up, out of nothing, I literally created this life and AM creating this life, continuing to feel into and tap into the vision and watch as it unfolds, bit by bit.

I go to Starbucks every morning,

[sometimes twice a day, don't worry it's a soul aligned addiction]

I get a massage once a week.

And acupuncture every other [not so much anymore as I really don't need it but it makes me feel good]

My apartment is in the best [and boujeeist if I might add] area of the city I live in because I decided to make the leap and say yes to my soul even though a year ago it didn't seem like I could afford it.

I am moving across the country to my absolute favorite place in the entire world, Seattle, downtown apartment, overlooking the Puget Sound, and Mt. Rainier in the background.

When I was little I actually had a dream about a very particular and sorta odd place in Seattle. I had never been there, nor did I even know the state of Washington existed.

Fast forward about 15 years, 2 years ago, I found myself standing in this exact spot. Mouth wide open. Deja vu and chills totally filling my body.

Yea, this place was meant for me.

The soul always knows and after all, time is an illusion.

I like to say I am a self-made entrepreneur [because I can't say self-made millionaire, yet] because yea,

I created this effing life and I am damn proud.

Nothing came easy at first.

I had a lot of self worth issues, emotional trauma, anxiety, clinically diagnosed depression and a prescription for Prozac with my name on it, collective shit to heal, but honestly, after all the pain I've been through, I'll sit here and say, NONE of it is an excuse. Nor does it make me any more worthy to live the life I desire.

I am worthy just because I am.

I get to live the life I desire, the life I was destined for, I get to have the life and impact and business that lights me up,

Because I got lucky?

Because I came from an upper middle class life?

Because I suffered from narcissistic abuse?

Because I have a proper opt in page and funnel and hire the right mentors and coaches?

Because it's the right phase of the moon and my zodiac sign says so?


Because I f*ckin DECIDED to, that's why.

I CHOSE this.

And I will continue to choose this every damn day.




Making money simply being me.

Sharing my truth.

Letting the message through.

Teaching and talking about what lights me up.

It's a choice that I will choose over and over again.

Every. Damn. Day.

Because really,

When it comes down to it, it's choosing ME.

It's saying yes to ME. And all that I am.

My business isn't just a business, a separate part of me.

I do what I do so I can breath.

It is literally an extension of me.

My heart + soul.

This is what I was born for.

But at the end of the day, I still had to choose it.

And you can choose it too.

The feelings inside of you are real.

That subtle inner pull towards something greater.

Towards something magical.

Towards something that may, right now, feel impossible,

it's real.

And you should follow it.

Because the more you say YES to your soul, the more life gets on board with you and everything just aligns.

You have a purpose, a message, all so much greater than you.

But you have to choose it.

You have to say yes.

You have to say HELL YES

and HELL f*cking no to everything else.

Because at the end of the day,

If you aren't lit up,

If you aren't on fire,

If you're going to bed with an empty feeling inside you,

Then what are you even living for?

Everything you need is inside of you,

xx Chlo

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