Every Symptom Has a Deeper, Energetic Meaning


Every symptom we experience has a deeper, energetic meaning.

One that we are more than likely not aware of, hence the reason for the symptom.

To alert us that we are cutting ourselves off in some way shape or form from our natural state of wellness, from our natural state of unconditional love, from the infinite power that is inside of us.


(Because after all wellness, abundance, love, it’s all the same. Everything is energy. It’s all love which is one of the highest vibrations.)


So the symptom comes up, or a full fledged dis-ease/illness.

To help us become aware of where we are out of alignment.

But we’re not taught this.

We’re not taught that this is the purpose of symptoms, our body communicating with us.


And once I discovered this, my whole experience in my body shifted dramatically.


I don’t suffer from any of the issues I use to suffer from anymore- complicated migraines with stroke like symptoms- my arm and face would go numb and my vision would get blurry, chronic UTI’s, digestive issues, anxiety/depression, dermatitis, breakouts all over my chest and back, unknown illnesses that doctors couldn’t figure out.


None of that exists in my experience anymore.

I’m vibrating at a whole different frequency that dis-ease cannot exist on.

One of higher love.

Because dis-ease/illness is rooted in fear- the lowest vibration.

And as you raise your vibration, you change what gets to show up in your reality and what can no longer.


I’m in tune with my body and begin to notice shifts and changes in it instantly.

I don’t need a full fledged illness to tell me I’m out of alignment in my life anymore. A simple pain or odd feeling somewhere is good enough and I can easily catch it and shift back.


Like for example sciatica in my right leg (the masculine side of the body) alerts me when I’m not fully grounded and am too much in my masculine controlling energy vs trusting and allowing things to happen from flow.


Slight flank pain reminds me when I’m holding on to fear and again not trusting. In Chinese medicine fear is stored in the kidneys- hence the reason for my chronic UTI’s and kidney infections in the past- tons of subconscious/suppressed fear. But now a gentle nudge of a little pain is all I need to get my attention. (Praise the Lord because UTI’s are the worst haha)


And really that’s about it. Now I’m not saying that if you have those symptoms that they mean the exact same thing for you. And I’m definitely not saying to stop going to the doctor and just meditate when you’re sick. If you’re not fully on board with these beliefs or understand the inner work then you’re going to have trouble shifting at first.


I’m simply here to open you up to a different way.

Not better or superior, although it might seem as such to you if you’re constantly going to the doctor like I was. But just different.

A new way of thinking.

A new way of being.

And also some remembering of what you’re actually capable of that you oh so conveniently forgot once you manifested into a physical body.

It’s ok though, that’s what I’m here for.

To help remind you.

That everything you need, well… I think you know by now, is within you.



Say it with me: I am open to healing. My mind and body work together effortlessly