God is Never Trying to Teach You a Lesson


God/the Universe is never testing you or teaching you a lesson.

It is simply showing you what you are a vibrational match to.

There is a common misconception that humans like to buy into.

That God is angry at them, teaching them a lesson, testing them or whatever other human thing we like to project onto God.

But here's the thing.

God is not a person.

God is not human.

We just like to project our human traits on to this all powerful energy we call God/Source/the Universe.

And when we do this.. we're actually giving our power away.

We're giving our power away by saying "Oh this just must be a lesson God is trying to get me to learn." And then we shrug it off and continue to live in misery instead of standing in our power where WE are able to shift it and become a vibrational match to something better.

If you are not happy with your current money situation, God is not punishing you for being a bad, greedy human in the past. It is not that you aren't worthy or deserving of money.

YOU are the only one punishing yourself by staying trapped in this story.

Do you see the difference?

Our physical reality shows us where we are vibrationally.

Read that again.

Our physical reality is simply a MIRROR.

Reflecting back to us what is going on in our energetic field.

And our energetic field is made up of thoughts, beliefs, emotions and a whole lot of patterns that probably aren't serving you right now.

But praise the LORD, that you get to witness them...

and DECIDE to change them.

You get to look at your bank account and go "OHHH, I must be a vibrational match to lack and scarcity and 'not enough.' because that is what's currently going on in my bank account.

"Ok, so now that I know what I DON'T want.. what DO I want?

And how can I now be a vibrational match for THAT?"

Stop giving your power away to a human constructed form of God.

God/the Universe/Your Higher Self/Beings of the highest Truth and compassion are always always always on your side.

Wanting to HELP you.

By showing you the frequency you are currently vibrating at.

And when you're ready to look at it and DECIDE you are ready to shift,

They are still there.

Ready to lift you up to all you are ready to step into and become.

Ready to bring you back home.

To who you've been all along.

Because remember-

Everything you need is within you.

xx Chlo

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I love you!

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