How Much Longer!?


How much longer are you going to sit there.

Sit there staring at your screen, watching your life tick away.

Watching every one else living your dream life, YOUR dream life.

The one you obsessively journal and wish and pray and law of attraction about every single day?


I'm waiting.

How much longer are you going to put up with the energetic minimums you've been putting up with. The less than par money in the bank account, the less than par business, career, lover, friends, the less than par MF LIFE, that YOU continue to choose each and every day. That YOU continue to put up with, to continue to allow in your experience.

Because after all, it's all just a choice you know.

Success is a choice.

Choosing your dreams is a choice.

Living in the energy of all you desire and watching as it magically and deliciously unfolds before you is a MF choice.

Because you are the deliberate creator of your reality.

But only if you choose to be.

So are you deliberately creating?

Your energy tells me no.

The way you shy away online.

CLAIMING you are going to do this and going to do that,

as you hide behind your insecurities,

as you hide behind your feelings of not worthy, not enough,

Even though you sure as hell KNOW that anyone else who has "made it" or seems to be living the life you desire has those same insecurities deep down below the surface.

The only difference? We set them aside and do what we must each and every day.

It's not rocket science.

But to you,

You know,

It sure seems like it.

For HOW MUCH LONGER are you going to keep making things harder than they need to be!?


Because lets be honest,

YOU'RE the only one, the only thing,

the ONLY FORCE on this planet,

Standing in your own way.

And as much as you want to blame him or her, your mother, even ME or anyone else who is showing up online and doing the damn thing, Deep down you know.

oh how you MF know.

So when are you going to just flip the mf switch, darling?

When are you going to just GET ON WITH IT already?

I don't have to keep reminding you.

But these blogs, these posts, is me showing up and doing what I must,

simply because the feelings I choose, the feelings I create, are from the inside out. You FEEL it and believe and THEN you see it.

And maybe, oh maybe, that's your issue.

You could use a lesson or two in simply BELIEVING in your damn magic.

Maybe next blog.

That's all for now.

Everything you need is within you,