How to Bring Your Dreams into Reality


How sure are you?

How effin SURE are you that you're meant for this?

That you're going to make it.

That your manifestations are ON THEIR MF WAY to you.

Right here, right now.

As you continue to raise your vibe, raise your frequency to match all that you are calling in?

Does negative sh*t knock you off your horse?

Or do you simply look for how to feel better?

Do the triggery triggers still trigger you?

Or do you brush them off and go

"Ok, I know what I don't want. Now what DO I want?" And proceed to focus on your desire?

Are you focusing on your DESIRE or are you standing in the LACK and absence of it?

You can tell by how you feel.

Your feelings never lie.

So which is it.

And be honest with yourself here.

Because instant manifestation is your norm.

Having everything you desire at the snap of your fingers is the way you were programmed as a divine being.

All you must do is get the resistance out of the way.

Get out of resistance and into the vortex.

The vortex of everything you've ever wanted and desired.

Yea.. it's over THERE.

But you can't get there from here.

Oh don't you know.

You can't get there from the vibration, the state of BEING in which you are standing.

But I'm sure you could feel that.

I'm sure you already knew.

I'm sure you knew with every shitty thought you continue to think and shitty ass mood you continue to sit in and all the peopley people you continue to allow to throw you into a funk, to throw you into the bushes so to speak.

One would think you might have had ENOUGH by now.

Because don't ya know?

Don't ya know.

Don't ya know.

That you get to MF choose!?

You always have.

You've always chosen.

And you're continuing to choose.

Whether you realize it or not.

You're asking.




With every situation and every circumstance.

And every event filled with contrast and woe is me.

You are asking for what you DO want.

And your inner being, yea it's already all over that shit.

Can't you feel it?

In the moments that feel like pure bliss.

The moments that feel like flow.

The moments that feel oh so good, oh don't ya know. Don't ya know.

Like writing for me.

Writing these blogs.

Writing these books.

I get taken away.

Drifting away.

Slowly drifting.

Slowly drifting.

To another place.

Another Dimension.

The one where everything I require and desire already exists.

The one where I am enough, I am worthy, I have all the things.

The soul the passion, the flow, the money, the love, the life.

And this is how everything comes so easily to me.

This is how I ask, then lean back, lean into the fear ANYWAY and receive.

This is how I manifest my dreams, my desires, seemingly without lifting a finger.

And yet I still work.

I do all the work.

All the mf work.

Day in and day out, But it's floating on a cloud you see.

Because the work is being ALL of ME.

It's an extension of me.

Getting paid to bare my soul.

Speak my truth.

Prance around and dance around like I own the MF place.

Because in all reality, I created this life.

I created this dream.

And we're all just creating from what's inside of us.

Whether consciously or not.

And if you're here.

Oh if you're here.

I bet you're tired of unconsciously creating the same stagnation.

Creating the same story.

Feeling out of control yet in the flow at the same time, unsure where to MF go.

I know what that's like and let me tell you something that's true.

If you want to transcend this matrix of madness,

If you want to wake up to the life you desire,

All you must be.. is fully... you.

Because everything you could ever possibly need is within you-

xx Chlo