Instant Manifestation

chloe elizabeth the boho boujee goddess

Quit focusing on what you don't want.

Stop giving all your attention and energy to that which you no longer want to experience.

Because by doing this, you only continue to give it a home in your reality.

Your physical world is a past manifestation.

What you are experiencing in your life now, is a manifestation of your past thoughts and beliefs.

So the more you focus on WHAT IS.

The MORE WHAT IS you will continue to get.

THIS is why people feel trapped.

This is why weeks, months, YEARS go by and people are still in their same situation they have desperately been trying to escape.

You must understand that you live in a vibrational universe.

An energetic universe.

And that once you experience something in its physical form,

it has already gone through an extensive energetic process to get there.

So you can't keep your focus on the physical.

You must keep your focus on the energy.

YOUR energy.

What you are thinking, believing, FEELING.

That is the "secret."

Although it's not much of a secret now is it.

It's a concept you've always known.

A concept you've always understood.

No matter how crazy or weird or woo your logical thinking mind may make it seem.

You resonate with it on a deeper level because it is Truth with a capital T.

It's the way the world works that we oh so conveniently are led to forget.

But once you remember,

OH once you TRULY TRULY remember,

just watch as your world begins to SHIFT,

begins to UNFOLD

in the most delicious, amazing way

Better than you could have ever even imagined.

Simply because you remembered to focus on what it is you DO desire.

What it is you DO want to call into your life.

Watch as your world shifts,

But only once YOU shift.

That is the secret.

Shift your internal world

and watch the external world bend and sway to your every wish and command.

Don't you know how powerful you truly are?

OH I believe you do.

A part of you is just scared of that power.

Scared of what the people will think.

Of what will happen to you if you dare to UNLEASH it.

If you dare to tap in.

If you dare to tune in and start living from this magical place.

Part of you is so caught up in what is, so caught up in the ways of the world, that you still struggle to grasp this.

Still struggle to truly embody it on a total and complete level of BEING.

But don't you know,

I think you've always known

that all you must do,

all you must do to tap into this magical space and place

is let tf go.

Let tf go and drop into your heart

drop into that still, quiet, yet expansive place inside of you

and allow the magic to unfold.

Trust and know and let tf go.

Write that down,

stick it on your fridge,

on your mirror,

tattoo it on your forehead if need be.

But once you get this,


Oh the places you'll go.

Much like a dr suess book,

Magical things and beings and places will pop up out of no where

and this...

Yes thiss...

will become your new normal.

All because you stopped focusing on what IS.

Yes sure, you allowed what is to guide you to what you DO desire.

But that is all.

You didn't get caught up in the emotions or stories or drama of the illusion,

All you did was allow it to guide you to what you do want.

And from there you instantly S H I F T E D.

Your vibration, your thoughts, your emotions, your beliefs.

You expanded into what you want and knew it was coming.

You allowed what you desire to take you away on a magical carpet ride of creation.

Creation and positive expectation.

Expectation that you are a powerful, vibrational being

and that if a thought is given to you, a desire is given to you,

that that is all you need to ride the wave, ride the flow and make it a reality.

So what are you creating?

What are you focusing on?

What are you oh so excited and worked up about becoming a reality for you?

Because it's happening, it's true.

It's already created, really.

And all you must do is match that frequency.

Because if you haven't noticed-

everything you could ever possibly need is already within you.

And just like that,

Oh don't you know,

Just like that, with a snappity snap of your magical fingers-

it is done.

And so it is.

xx, Chlo