It's All a MF CHOICE

chloe elizabeth

Our standard of health and what is perceived as "normal" and "just the way it is" in this world is actually disgusting.

Believing and giving into the idea that less than par health and energy, even less than par finances, is "just a part of life" is a FAR cry from what is ACTUALLY possible, from our ACTUAL potential, from our actual NATURAL state of wellness + abundance. 

It's this "victim" mindset that so many are stuck in, CHOOSE to be stuck in. 

We've bought into this idea of what life looks like and nobody seems to have the balls to QUESTION.

Well if you haven't noticed, 
I don't do "normal."
I don't settle.
And I sure as hell don't ever buy into any belief that "this is just the way the world works Chloe."

To me, it's lazy.
Call me what you wish but to me
it's wanting to put the blame on someone ELSE, instead of taking responsibility and turning INWARD, where all answers lie of course.

Living in alignment, living with abundant health + energy + vitality and superhuman like feelings of ALIVENESS was always how it was meant to be.

Who you are at your CORE.

We've just blocked all connection to this by being the sheepy sheeps of the world, blindly following whoever the hell sounds like they have some sort of authority.

When in reality, YOU are the only creator of your reality. You always have been and always will be.

The people in my world, who I choose to surround myself with, we don't settle.
What's "normal" for us,
sounds CRAZY and "impossible" for you.
But only because you continue to choose to operate on a plane of mediocrity. 
(Because you have this choice too if you so decide to wake up and choose it.)

It's simply a decision on waking up to the ILLUSION.
The one you so desperately cling to out of FEAR,
Out of subconscious programming,
Out of your ego running 120 mph keeping you stuck in the fear mind and wondering "well what will all the people think!?"

Because what is possible for one, is possible for all.
Don't ever buy into the illusion that YOU don't have the power that creates worlds flowing through your veins 
That you're somehow the exception,
-Don't deserve,
"Yea but this happened to me so I couldn't possibly...."

We've all had a victim story.
A dark night of the soul.
Situations and feelings and events and traumas and circumstances that have made us feel less than.
That have made us even question our EXISTENCE on this planet.

It's what you choose to do with those instances that separate the ones who continue to uplevel and expand and live the most delicious life possible from the ones who just can't seem to, no matter what they do, get out of their current situation. 

Because everything you need is INSIDE of you.

But realizing this- well.. that choice is yours.